How To Find The Best H1B Attorney For Your Company

Businesses struggle to find top applicants to fill their open positions. Whether they need to hire a top publicist or a new accountant, the talent pool does not always meet their needs. Some companies succeed in finding quality candidates only to find out that they do not legally live in the United States. Fortunately, they can move forward in hiring such individuals once they hire an H1B attorney. As a business owner who wants to keep your options as open as possible, you need to do the same. You can sponsor foreign candidates through an H1B visa. However, you need a lawyer who knows what they are doing to obtain this type of visa. In this post, you will discover how to find the best H1B attorney for your company.

Request Credentials

Firstly, request credentials from each prospective lawyer to narrow down your options to the best H1B attorney in your area. Many visa consultants, petition preparers and notaries persuade business owners to hire them for the job. While some of these professionals truly believe that they can complete the necessary work, others do not. They convince business owners to hire them with the full knowledge that they will not be able to earn business owners H1B visas. Avoid giving unqualified individuals control over legal forms under your company’s name. Put yourself in the worthy hands of a qualified H1B attorney to achieve your goals.

Ask About Updated Policies

After you check your H1B attorney candidates’ credentials, ask them about the latest policies. Just as property managers need to stay relevant with the latest property regulations, H1B attorneys need to stay up-to-date with the most recent immigrant rules. Conduct your own research beforehand so that you can determine whether they stay up-to-date with the latest policies or not. The standards and requirements for obtaining H1B visas changes often. If your lawyer does not stay updated on the current alterations, they will not be able to assist you in getting an H1B visa. In turn, you will not be able to hire foreign employees who fully qualify for your open job positions. Business owners who ask about updated policies hire the best H1B lawyers.

Inquire About Fee Structure

Another essential step to take to hire the best H1B attorney is to inquire about their fee structure. As a business owner, you likely always ask about pay structures when dealing with business transactions. Like those deals, this step is crucial. Some law firms charge clients a performance based fee. Others charge a fixed fee based off of the project or the time frame they designate for the project. Ask each attorney about their fee structure to get the best deal. However, do not sacrifice quality for cost. Find an H1B attorney who offers a clear, reasonable fee structure and quality services.

Consider Past Experiences

To ensure that you hire an H1B attorney who provides quality services, look into their past experiences. Research the number of cases that they won in total. Then, focus in on their immigration cases. Calculate the number of business owners they assisted in obtaining their H1B visas. If the number is low, they likely do not implement effective strategies. On the other hand, higher numbers prove that they care about their clients and do their best to meet their goals. In order to find the top H1B attorney, consider each of your prospects’ past client cases.

Look For Firm Collaboration

Finally, look for an H1B attorney who works for a firm that collaborates. As a business owner, you understand the power of business collaboration. The best immigration lawyers speak with their colleagues about each case. This welcomes new ideas and strategies that assist the firm in winning more cases. When you meet with lawyers, ask them about their processes. Furthermore, ask each candidate how many lawyers you will have access to within their firm. If the number is less than 3, they likely do not work with one another. Do your best to find a lawyer who collaborates with their co-workers. Then, you will hire an H1B attorney who truly cares about your success.

If you struggle to find U.S. citizens who meet the qualifications for your job positions, broaden your horizons by getting an H1B visa. To do so, hire a lawyer who went to law school and earned their necessary credentials. Ask each of your candidates about the newest policies to ensure that you hire a professional who stays updated. Inquire about fee structures at each law firm you visit to avoid overpaying for services. Look into each of your prospective lawyers’ history to determine whether they are successful in cases similar to yours or not. Additionally, look for a lawyer who collaborates with their colleagues. Implement these tactics to find the best H1B attorney for your company’s hiring needs.

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