5 Best Money Counterfeit Detector For Business

There are several best money counterfeit detector for business. In today’s economy, nearly $200 million are counterfeit. Counterfeit detectors will protect your company, customers and employees from fraud. As a business owner, implement counterfeit detectors to protect your empire from losing money on fraudulent transactions. Therefore, this is one of the best types of security systems for businesses. Read on to find the best money counterfeit detector for your business.

Counterfeit Detector Pen

Counterfeit detector pens are a popular way to discover fraudulent payments. Many businesses opt for detection pens due to their simplicity and cost. These counterfeit money pens rarely cost more than $15. Simply, mark the bill using the special pen. If the bill is real, the mark will remain yellow and if the bill is fake, the ink will turn a dark or black color. Additionally, reduce the chance of a false test by investing in a pen that has precise fitting plastic caps to prevent air leaks. Typically, this detection option is best for businesses who handle several small transactions daily and don’t usually obtain big bills. Definitely invest in a counterfeit detector pen to protect your business against fraudulent bills.

UV Lights

Another popular money counterfeit detector for your business is UV lights. All US bills contain a security thread and watermark. Shine the UV light on the bill and confirm that the security threads line up with the correct colors and locations. Additionally, if you can’t afford an advanced UV light machine, you can invest in a UV light pen. This pen shines an UV light that will determine the genuine worth of the payment. This option works best for businesses that get frequently paid in a short amount of time such as a bar, or in your own restaurant. Certainly invest in UV lights as a counterfeit detector for your business.

Magnetic Detection

Of course, another great counterfeit detector for your business is magnetic detection. Dollar bills’ magnetic properties can be detected by hand-held devices or sensor machines. By reading the currencies multi-colored magnetic ink, these devices will emit a sound to confirm the presence of magnetic properties. Many currencies around the world can be read through magnetic detection devices. Additionally, magnetic counterfeit detection is known as the fastest, most effective and affordable way to catch fraudulent bills. Clearly investing in magnetic detection services can save your business from a financial downfall.

Portable Checker

Next, one of the best counterfeit detection options for your business is a portable bill checker. These compact money checkers use image processing technology (IPT) to detect fake bills. Authentic bills turn the red LED green and sound an alarm. For fake bills, the LED remains red and does not make a sound. Additionally, this system can detect fraudulent bills from 1996 to now. It does not support $1 and $5 bills because it is very rare for these bills to be fraudulent. This works best for businesses on the go who need verification in seconds. Of course, a portable checker could be the best counterfeit detection option for your business.

Automatic Detection Machines

Finally, another popular counterfeit detector for your business is automatic detection machines. These machines are created with imaging software that allows them to determine the exact dimensions and properties of dollar bills with 100% reliability. Automatic counterfeit detectors are so accurate that they don’t require extra employee judgement on bill authenticity. Additionally, if a counterfeit bill is detected during the checking process, it is automatically rejected. Since they can detect fraudulent bills of any size, this counterfeit detection option can work for any business type. Certainly, investing in automatic detection machines can keep your business safe and fraud free.

Certainly, there are many top counterfeit detection for business. These tools will help you prevent, and uncover who committed fraud. The counterfeit detector pen uses ink to detect fraudulent bills and works best for businesses who don’t usually get big bills. UV lights are another popular counterfeit detection for business because it is simple to match up security thread color and location to get an accurate answer. Additionally, magnetic detection is a top counterfeit detector because all bills are created with magnetic properties that can only be accessed by specific devices. Portable checkers are popular because they use IPT to detect accuracy and give results quick. Finally, automatic detection machines are extremely popular for businesses due to the complete accuracy they provide. Certainly, there are several popular counterfeit detection options for businesses.

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