5 Best New Franchises To Run From Home

Franchising is quickly becoming the popular way for business owners to open their first company. Opening a franchise provides brand recognition and proven business strategies for reasonable capital investments. Many franchises, especially those that are service based, do not even require a physical location. With all business operations being mobile or conducted digitally, you are free to work from home. On top of being convenient, operating from home helps you keep franchise costs low. Continue reading this post to learn about the best new franchises you can run from home.

Real Estate

Real estate franchises are an excellent option if you wish to operate your business from home. From your home you can source listings, schedule open houses, and advertise available properties. Home tours, inspections, and negotiations can all take place at real estate properties. Because of this, you can headquarter your real estate franchise directly within your home. Establishing a real estate franchise does not require you to hire any employees. Therefore, you do not need office space for any other personnel. Consider opening a real estate business when seeking at-home franchise opportunities.

Staffing Businesses

Staffing business franchises allow you to operate your business from home. A major advantage of staffing businesses is that they do not require any mobile work. Therefore, you are able to conduct all of your operations from your home. Staffing franchises help businesses source employees. These firms advertise positions and review candidates credentials, in order to select talented employees for interviews. Since the actual business sourcing employees does the interviewing, you can conduct all operations digitally. Consider establishing a staffing franchise if you wish to conduct entirely at-home operations.

Dog Walking

In search of franchises that allow at-home operations, consider a dog walking franchise. Dog walking franchises allow you to headquarter your business within your home, and conduct mobile operations. These franchises are designed to feed and walk dogs while their owners are at work or traveling. All services require you to travel to your customers, and therefore no physical space is necessary. Since your personal means of transportation is the only equipment required, these franchises are also amongst the cheapest to open. Research franchise opportunities for dog walking companies if you wish to establish your franchise from home.

Travel Agency

Travel agency franchises allow their investors to operate from home. Similar to staffing franchises, these can additionally be operated entirely at-home. To operate a travel agency all of your responsibilities are telephone or computer based. Conduct research on flights, hotels, attractions, and events in order to plan vacations for your customers. Operating a travel agency only requires you to have reliable internet and communication services. This makes these operations incredibly easy to establish and finance. When looking for the best franchise opportunities to operate from home, consider opportunities with travel agencies.


Landscaping businesses additionally allow you to headquarter your business at home. These franchises require only mobile operations. This allows you to accept payments, schedule visits, and order new equipment from home. You still however, need a physical location to store trailers, lawn mowers, and other equipment. Generally, the size of your garage is more than enough space. Landscaping businesses are based off of routine services, making your income very easy to predict. Consider the advantages of a landscaping business when searching for franchises to establish from home.

Many modern business owners have turned to buying a franchise to run operations. Franchising allows you to operate as your own boss and receive well-known brand recognition. At the same time, franchising requires less risk and responsibility. In many cases, you can even run your franchise from home. Real estate franchises, along with dog walking and landscaping franchises allow you to headquarter your business at home and conduct entirely mobile operations. However, consider hiring employees to conduct mobile operations if you wish to work completely from home. In addition, consider staffing and travel agency franchises. Since these franchises allow all operations to be conducted digitally, you can work entirely from home. If you are searching for the best new franchises to run from home, consider the ideas mentioned in this post.

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