Top Online Marketing Certifications To Command Higher Salary Right Away

Marketing certifications are a great way to keep yourself up to date with the newest marketing trends and techniques. Similar to online accounting courses, the offer the flexibility of getting qualifications from home. Marketing is a rewarding field because of the jobs are high paying and bright opportunities in the future. Those who want to work as marketing professionals usually get a full time bachelor’s degree in marketing. But, traditional marketing courses are not always sufficient to stay updated. In order to stay current with latest marketing trends, marketing professionals have to continuously update their marketing skills.

However, they find it challenging to pursue further education besides a full time job. Online marketing certification courses are the best solutions to this problem. They enhance performance, accelerate promotions and open up new opportunities of employment. To get started, the best places to get online marketing certifications have been listed below.

Google Analytics Academy

Modern marketing professionals need comprehensive knowledge about increasing website traffic. Certainly, the training and certifications from Google Analytics enhances a marketer’s skills. The Google Analytics Academy offers a bunch of free online courses on Google Analytics as well as other data analysis tools. Moreover, marketers can watch relevant videos at the Analytics YouTube channel and take part in discussions at the Google Analytics Discussion Forum. In addition, Google lets them access demos, tools and documentations in Google Analytics Library through its Google Developers for Analytics arm. After the course ends, marketers have to complete the Google Analytics certification exam.

Market Motive

Next, Market Motive offers online marketing certification courses on web analytics, social media marketing and conversion optimization. For advanced marketers, they offer pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, email branding and mobile marketing. Of course, their email marketing and content marketing are great for everyone. Market Motive’s three distinct levels of certification include certified specialists, certified practitioners and certified masters. Senior marketing professionals can get a Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) Certification. The individual course membership price is $299 per month.  But, agencies and marketing teams can use Market Motive’s low cost group plans. From beginners to professionals, anyone can pursue marketing certification courses at Marketing Motive.

Hootsuite University

Another popular option, the Social Media Certification offered by Hootsuite University boosts social media marketing knowledge. Hootsuite University is part of the popular social media management platform Hootsuite. The university aims to help marketers make optimum utilization of the Hootsuite platform. The course includes basics of social media marketing, allowing participants to test their skills on the Hootsuite dashboard. However, to access the Hootsuite University and their social media training, you have to pay a recurring fee of $21 every month. Included with the same fee, Hootsuite University keeps you listed as a Certified Professional in their directory, showing that you are well-versed in the differences between digital marketing vs advertising. On completion, marketers are much better at managing social media accounts for business.


Started by eminent Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursea offers marketing courses via top universities. You can choose from an array of marketing certification courses offered by reputed universities like the University of Pennsylvania or University of Illinois. The innovative curriculum of Coursea marketing certification courses allows students to learn through interactive quizzes and video lectures. What’s more, each online marketing course is priced at just $95 through Coursea. After completing a marketing course, you will be rewarded marketing certifications from world renowned, accredited universities.

Hubspot Academy

The Inbound Marketing Certification provided by Hubspot Academy covers the basic principles of inbound marketing and business communications. Novice marketers or business owners who want to save advertising dollars are suitable candidates for this course. It encompasses topics like SEO, blogging and social media. More specifically, students learn about calls to action, landing pages, email promtion, marketing tactics and customer satisfaction. The course has been divided into 9 one hour long video classes. At the end of the course, participants have to take the certification examination. However, this marketing certification stays valid for only a year. All in all, Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Certification can be a good choice to begin your marketing career.


This is another online marketing certification provider. They feature both free and paid courses in digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, sales and search media marketing. Of course, you can tailor the courses that would fit as per your requirements. Most marketing professionals are well qualified in many of these aspects. However, you might be able to shine with a sales qualification or direct mail marketing expertise. Or, you can choose whatever interests you most and follow your passion.

Get Certified For The Money

You may be wondering, why should I get certified in digital marketing? There are many reasons to get an online marketing certification. The most valuable reason you will want to pursue marketing certifications is because of the pay bump it provides. Being a certified marketing professional will help you command a higher salary for your skills. This is something that no professional can turn down. Yes, you will have to spend money to get certified in marketing online. But, that investment will pay you dividends for years to come by bumping your marketing pay grade up. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a marketing certification online or off.

As seen here, marketing certifications are a quick and easy way to update marketing skills so that you can do more than just manage a Google Local listing. The marketing certification courses cover skills like inbound marketing, social media marketing, copy writing and blogging. Certainly, marketing professionals can utilize marketing certifications to enhance their resumes and skill sets.

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