How The Best Podcast Marketing Services Increase Your Streams

There are multiple marketing services available to podcasters looking to grow their audience. For podcast operators, the size of your audience and amount of your streams is directly linked to your profitability. The best marketing efforts guarantee substantial increases to the size of your following. It is often beneficial to start with at lease two podcast promotion methods. Several methods are relatively simple to establish, while other advertising tactics may be more complex and expensive. Read on to learn how the best podcast marketing services increase your streams.

Host Notable Guests

Host notable guests on your podcast in order to increase your streams. If the content you produce is relative to a specific industry, reach out to industry experts and ask them to speak on your program. If you host a business podcast for entrepreneurial skills, consider inviting notable CEO’s or business owners to speak on your program. When notable guests contribute to your podcast, you are able to leverage their name as well as their audience. Look for hosts with interesting insights, a well-known reputation, and a large following on social media. After interviews, you can ask your guests to share your finished podcast on their channel. Chances are, this will encourage guest audiences to watch interviews along with other episodes of your content. Consider hosting notable guests in order to increase your podcast streams.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Leverage the power of social media in order to increase your podcast streams. Create social media accounts for your program on multiple platforms. Include your show’s logo and detailed information about your podcast to increase recognition. Post on social media to inform your audience of when you will be releasing new episodes, hosting live programs, or holding notable interviews. Many podcasters have additionally chosen to release sneak previews of new episodes on their social platforms. Doing so excites your followers for what you have in store, and encourages them to stream your new episodes upon release.

Select Multiple Publishing Destinations

You need to choose multiple publishing destinations for your podcasting business in order to expand your audience. A number of podcasters fail to take advantage of all the available channels. If you already operate a website for your podcast, ensure you upload all episodes on to your site. At the same time, make sure to post your weekly episodes on YouTube, where they will likely generate the most views. Even more, you can utilize Facebook Live or Instagram TV features to upload live podcast footage. Publishing on multiple destinations increases your visibility and helps you expand your podcast marketing efforts.

Strengthen Content Quality

One of the most traditional ways to market your podcast is through strengthening the quality of your content. Recording poor quality podcasts is a waste of time. If your podcast is not interesting, you will be unable to maintain an audience and earn revenues. Viewers want content that is valuable, unique, and sticky. In terms of value, your audience needs to learn or gain something every time they watch your show. Your podcast also needs to add unique points of view to specific discussed issues. Furthermore, you need content to be sticky in order to withhold your audience’s attention. Consider strengthening content quality for a long-term, but productive technique to add value and grow your podcast following.

Transcribe Audio Content

In order to increase the size of your podcast audience, consider transcribing your audio content. Many prospective audience members may prefer reading. Some viewers find reading more accessible and less time-consuming than watching a long, podcast episode. By making your podcast available in text form, you can access a new segment of your audience that previously went overlooked. Publish text versions of your podcast on your website blog. In addition to meeting increased consumer demands, there are several SEO advantages through transcribing your audio. In text form, your transcripts can easily be indexed by various search engines. This improves your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages). With this in place, you ensure your webpage balances SEO with user experience. Consider transcribing your audio content in order to increase the size of your following.

There are multiple marketing strategies podcasters can deploy to grow their audience. You can take several organic routes such as hosting notable guests on your program, or strengthening the quality of the content itself. Create social media platforms for your program to advertise your upcoming episodes or featured interviews. Always publish the content you post on multiple platforms. Furthermore, consider transcribing your content into text version in order to increase your audience size. Consider the points above to learn how the best podcast marketing services increase your streams.

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