5 Best Self-Publishing Companies Types To Explore

Many of the best self-publishing companies come in several different types. Self-publishing books and other printed materials provides authors with 40-60% royalties annually when compared to traditional publishing. In fact, self-publishing rose to 40% of the market in 2018. As an author, choosing the right self-publisher for your specific needs offers valuable book production assistance and increased royalty profits. The right publisher can also help you when marketing a book online. Read on to discover the best self-publishing company types.

Self-Published Author Services

Self-published author services are one company types that provides a multitude of services. These include editing, formatting, ghostwriting, illustration, and more. Many companies provide several of these services, but may not necessarily be considered publishing companies due to their lack of actual publishing services. Additionally, there are many companies that call themselves self-publishers, but scam authors by providing inadequate work and overcharging them for it. Surely, self-published author services offer a variety of helpful services to writers.

Online Book Retailers

Book retailers are the most straightforward self-publishing company type. Simply put, they’re the retailers where your books will be discoverable and sold. Many of the largest book retailers offer branded eBook publishing services that allow writers to upload their works individually. This way, you maximize the number of consumers exposed to your work by simply learning how to sell your ebook online. Absolutely, book retailers expose their huge customer bases to your submitted works.

Self-Publishing Educators

Self-publishing educators are an additional company type that develops your writing and marketing skills. Educators often help authors refine their ideas into complete books and works. In addition, many educators update blogs and content regularly to keep you informed of industry trends and improve your skills. This way, you improve your work as it gets published, and increase the quality of any future work. Certainly, self-publishing educators provide significant increases to the quality of your current and future titles.


Aggregators are another company type that maximizes the reach of your works. They provide publishing and retailing platforms for eBooks. Plus, they can help with distributing them to partnered retailers and libraries. Often, aggregators can help you find a publisher you otherwise would not be able to access, such as those that don’t accept direct submissions. This way, your works reach the widest possible range of consumers without the need for you to format them to each publisher’s guidelines. Definitely, aggregators maximize the reach of your books without the need for multiple formats and publisher accounts.

Print-On-Demand Distributors

Print-on-demand distributors are a type of self-publisher that allow you to directly sell your books to readers in a convenient and affordable manner. Consumers order your works through one of several online retailers, and the order is sent to the distributor. They’ll print, bind, and package your book and ship it back to the retailer, who ships it to the customer. They pay you the net sales with the printing and selling costs deducted. This way, you can sell and market your works without making storing, shipping, or stock considerations. Since you won’t be needing inventory, upfront costs are minimal. Additionally, your books are listed on some of the largest retailers, reaching a significant number of consumers. Of course, print-on-demand distributors provide a method of selling physical copies without managing inventory, while reaching a wide variety of consumers.

There are plenty of great self-publishing companies out there, and you should consider which type is right for you. While not necessarily self-publishers, self-published author services provide several important services that increase the quality of your work. Book retailers maximize the reach of your work by harnessing their size and reputation to pull in large numbers of customers. Self-publishing educators significantly increase the quality of your current and future works through professional development services. Aggregators also maximize the reach of your books, without the need for several formats and multiple publishing accounts. Finally, print-on-demand distributors allow you to sell physical copies without managing inventory and reaching a variety of consumers. When wondering about the best self-publishing company types, consider the types described above.

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