5 Highlights Of The Best Skip Tracing Software

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from the best skip tracing software. The results from queries can be expansive and include an array of personal information. If you are an operations executive, you may have witnessed these apps replacing those in the “skip tracer” profession. Certainly, the accessibility of these programs has a reach that goes beyond finding fugitives and people trying to overcome crippling debt. In fact, skip tracing software has become a popular solution for tasks like lead generation. Plus, technological advancements have extended their use into a variety of industries. Real estate brokers, for example, use this software to locate hard to reach property owners. For operations managers evaluating these tools, the highlights of the best skip tracing software are presented below.

Up-To-Date Information

Regardless of who you are trying to locate, it is vital for skip tracing software to provide up-to-date information. The data can be as nominal as an address or more significant like an arrest record. Operations professionals should be aware that some apps update servers on a daily basis while others only sync data periodically. Depending on your clientele, monthly updates may be sufficient. Naturally, if your target is not a flight risk, then the most current information may not be absolutely necessary. Conversely, if you are looking for someone who is fleeing from the law, you will want to have real-time data available. After all, inaccurate facts could cause a missed opportunity. When reviewing skip tracing software, operations executives should look for one that offers up-to-date information.

Alerts For New Data

The top skip tracing programs provide alerts for new data. Ideally, you will want to be warned about all relevant new information. This could include details related to small business bankruptcy, criminal history or motor vehicle records. Additionally, skip tracing apps also allow you to select which information triggers the warning. Thus, when any of the specified data is modified, the software flags the record and sends you a message, usually via email. This means that once you have begun the process, the program will continually scan for changes. Indeed, when operations professionals choose 24/7 monitoring, the likelihood of finding a person or asset increases exponentially.

Accurate Statistics

It is important for operations managers not to confuse up-to-date information with accurate statistics. Of course, skip tracing apps can boast that they update their information in real time. However, you should pay close attention to their accuracy statistics. The best skip tracing software cross references information with multiple sources. This means they pull data from proprietary suppliers in addition to the public ones. Further, they do a comparative analysis with that information which greatly increases the accuracy rate of the data they provide. By scrubbing the information, the top skip tracing programs can offer much more accurate statistics.

Flexible Pricing Plans

It should be no surprise that the premier skip tracing software offers flexible pricing plans to fit almost any budget. For instance, operations managers can choose weekly packages that include a fixed number of hours. This is ideal if you know how much time you currently allocate on a weekly basis for skip tracing activities. If your company only uses the software occasionally, then a per record fee may be the best choice. For the power users, an unlimited option is probably in order. With these flat rate packages, you can usually pick a monthly or yearly plan. Of course, most skip tracing apps extend discounted rates to those who are willing to pay upfront. With a variety of flexible pricing plans available, operations professionals can find skip tracing software that makes financial sense.

Customized Reports

Skip tracing programs that offer customized reports are an ideal solution. These apps allow you to generate output in various formats and analyze specific data from a variety of sources. For example, operations executives may want a report that includes information on recent utility hookups or additions to the “do not call” list. By customizing the search criteria, you can view the output that is most important for your investigation. Moreover, customized reports can also deliver information on family members, getting you that much closer to your target. Operations managers looking for skip tracing software should consider those with customized reports.

The best skip tracing software is versatile and can simplify operations. For example, it can provide information to track down fugitives or leads in general for any business. Top performers supply up-to-date information for people and property searches. Moreover, the program should generate alerts when new data is found. Additionally, the top apps keep their databases current with cross-referenced information which produces accurate statistics. Furthermore, they offer flexible pricing plans that cater to a wide array of users. Lastly, their data can be manipulated in various ways to generate customized reports. Operations professionals should consider the highlights of the best skip tracing software when assessing programs for their company.

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