How To Select The Best Technology Headhunters For Your Company

When a tech company is looking to fill a position, they may turn to technology headhunters to find the perfect candidate. Technology company owners such as yourself need to know how to find the best headhunting agencies to fill their openings quickly. Employment headhunters specialize in finding you the best candidates by approaching promising applicants working for other companies. If you need to find a great candidate for a position fast, then you need to hire headhunters. Read on to learn how to select the best technology headhunters for your company.

Learn Their Strategy

Before you make any sort of decision about hiring a technology headhunter, learn their strategy for finding applicants. Some headhunters have a strict formula that they follow to find candidates. Others tailor their approach to meet the needs of their clients. Ask what channels they use to find candidates. Do they cold call? Or do they only reach out to people looking for work? Learn the strategy that your technology headhunters use because they will be serving as a liaison for your company to potential employees. If you want to select the best technology headhunters, then you have to learn their recruitment strategy.

Know How They Vet

After you have compiled a list of potential job headhunters, it is important that you learn how they vet candidates. This is a subset of their recruitment strategy. The best technology headhunters put their candidates through a thorough vetting process. This includes following up with references and verifying everything that appears on a candidate’s resume. You do not want a headhunter who is not willing to go the extra mile in confirming a candidate is the right match for your company. To ensure you are hiring the best technology headhunters, know how they vet candidates for your company.

Ask About Industry Specialization

As you continue to cross technology headhunters off of your list, remember to ask them about their industry specialization. A headhunter who specializes in finance will not be the best fit for your technology company. Even a technology headhunter may not have expertise in your specific niche of the field. Find a headhunter who not only understands the industry, but also specializes in your specific subset. The best technology headhunters will have no problem demonstrating that their recruiting specialty lies in your company’s field. Ask about your technology headhunters’ specializations before you decide who to hire.

Ask Which Roles They Fill Regularly

In addition to asking about their specialization, ask which roles each technology headhunter typically fills for a company. Though they may have worked with companies similar to yours, they may have only found candidates for positions you are not looking to fill. Most technology headhunters should be able to fill any position you need. However, the best headhunters for your company already have expertise finding candidates you are looking for. They already know the top tips for looking for employees and can find them rather easily. Before you hire technology headhunters, ask which roles they typically fill at companies similar to yours.

Assess Their Accessibility

After you have a feeling for which headhunters know your industry and demands, assess their accessibility. This assessment has more implications than just how easily you can get in touch with them. Accessibility also covers how easily potential candidates can get into contact with your technology headhunter. If they do not answer or return your phone calls promptly, they likely treat candidates the same way. The best technology headhunters will be easily accessible. This means they will be reachable by email and phone, as well as available for meetings. In order to find the best technology headhunters, look for professionals who are easily accessible.

Evaluate Their Database

Finally, evaluate the databases technology headhunters use to find candidates for your company. All headhunters use databases with information that covers more than just a candidate’s resume. The best technology headhunters will have databases that include candidates’ interests and job search criteria in addition to salary requirements and an overall quality rating. The information housed on their databases does not just help them decide if a candidate is qualified. It also helps them ascertain if a candidate is a good fit for your company’s work environment. To pick the best technology headhunters, evaluate the databases they use to find the right candidate for you.

If you are looking to find a great candidate to fill a position with your tech company, then you need to know how to hire technology headhunters. To find the best, start by learning their strategy for finding and vetting candidates. Then, ask if they specialize in your industry and if they regularly fill positions similar to the ones you have open. Additionally, assess how easily they are to get a hold of, because their accessibility is indicative of how they will perform. Finally, evaluate the database your headhunters use to ensure they can find you a candidate that fits with your company’s culture. If you follow this advice, you will select the best technology headhunters for your position.

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