Why You Should Brand Your Small Business Shopping Bags

Now more than ever, businesses need to remind their customers they exist; something that can be achieved in a variety of ways, but does not have to be difficult or expensive. Successful marketing often lies in taking things back to basics.

This is where something as simple as branded shopping bags can make a real difference; each time you give something to a customer, why not use a branded bag? These are one of the most creative packaging ideas to delight customers. We are talking about the simple yet effective technique of adding your custom branded sticky labels to the bags and packages you use; an alternative to designing and ordering custom packaging, with just as much impact and appeal.

Here are just a few reasons why using branded sticky labels on your bags and packages come highly recommended:

They Help You Achieve a Professional Look

There is no easier way to achieve a professional and consistent look. When you use branded sticky labels, each and every bag you hand over has an identical feature. Something that makes your business appear more professional and complements your branding strategy; far better than simply handing out generic bags and packages.

They Also Help With Exposure For Your Brand

Branded bags can also be great for boosting exposure for your brand. Essentially, every bag adorned with a sticky label is a high-impact marketing material for your business, one that will be showcased proudly by the customer. After which, they will have a reminder of the brand they did business with, and a reminder to visit you again.

Considerable Savings Compared To Custom Packaging

Custom printed sticky labels can be a comprehensively affordable consumable. Irrespective of how creative or elaborate you get with your sticky labels, they are never expensive. Particularly when compared to custom packaging, a run of sticky labels could save your business a fortune long-term. This counts double when ordering the labels you need from an established printing house, negating the need to buy the equipment you need outright. If you are looking for more ways to improve your bottom line, check out these cost savings tips for small businesses.

You Never Have To Wait On Another Shipment

Another benefit to custom printed or branded labels is the way in which you can ensure you are always sitting on a stockpile of them. With printed bags and packaging, there is always the risk you will run out at the worst possible time. With custom printed labels, you can keep thousands of them on-hand. Even if you make a change with the shape, size, configuration or material of the bags/packaging you use, you can keep things consistent with your sticky labels.

You Can Change Them On A Regular Basis

As printed labels are comprehensively cost-effective, they can be changed regularly to suit your requirements; for example a run of labels to advertise a coming sale or limited-time discount to take advantage of. You may also want to conduct blogger outreach campaigns to get the word out about your offerings. Or perhaps, list your achievements along the way – ‘50,000 Satisfied Customers’, ‘Celebrating 10 Years in Business’ and so on; a highly impactful and fully customizable marketing tool for your small business.

They Can Be Used On Different Types Of Materials

The flexibility of branded sticky labels is also a major point of appeal. After procuring a stockpile of sticky labels, you can use them on various different types of materials. This means you can diversify the types of bags and packages you use for your products at any time, while again maintaining consistency. A far more convenient and cost-effective solution than ordering thousands of branded bags and boxes in a myriad shapes, sizes and materials.

They Can Be Comprehensively Environmentally Friendly

Custom printed labels can pave the way for true corporate sustainability. An increasingly popular option is that of placing branded labels directly on products – negating the need for packaging entirely; An important point to consider, in an era where consumers are showing preference to brands that share their concerns for the environment.

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