5 Branding Name Strategies To Generate Catchy Ideas

Since branding names introduce businesses to consumers, they directly impact a company’s success. As an entrepreneur, you need to carefully consider your brand naming options. Whether you want to start a photography business or a clothing line, you need an effective name. If you choose an ineffective name, your products or services will not sell. You will not leave consumers with a good first impression if your brand name does not effectively tell your story. To ensure that you succeed, continue reading and learn the top branding name strategies to generate catchy ideas.

Look At A World Map

Many entrepreneurs look at world maps as a branding name strategy. Use historic places across the globe as inspiration. Perhaps there is a place that you have always wanted to visit. You could have reached a memorable destination at some point in your life. Your products could directly relate to a certain place in the world. Consider land marks, cities, and various bodies of water. Amazon’s founders found success by naming their company after the largest river in the world. Use this strategy in an attempt to find just as much branding name success.

Use A Branding Name Generator

Other entrepreneurs opt to use branding name generators. If you are struggling to come up with your own unique ideas, visit a free branding name generator online. Most generators request a word that you would like your company name to include in it. While this does mean that you have to do some creative thinking, it still simplifies the process. It is much easier to come up with one keyword than it is to put multiple words together. Additionally, you can try out multiple keywords that you favor. If one word does not generate any quality names, try another. If nothing else, you will gain some understanding of which words go well with others. Use a branding name generator as a strategy for naming your company.

Select High-Point Scrabble Letters

You can also use the Scrabble strategy to generate catchy ideas for your startup. To begin this strategy’s process, get out your Scrabble game. Seperate the Scrabble letters worth the highest points from the ones worth the lowest points. Put the lowest point letters back into the box. You should be left with the letters Z, Q, X, J, and K. In the English language, these letters are used the least. Thus, they are very memorable. As an entrepreneur attempting to generate branding name ideas, you want to create a name that consumers will remember. Use the most memorable letters in the English language to do so. Take out some of the letters you put away and see what you can come up with using the highest point letters. Consider full words and acronyms to use this strategy to its full potential.

Use Mythological Names

Another branding name strategy that many entrepreneurs have succeeded with is using mythological names. For example, look at Nike. The popular sports equipment supplier got their name from the Winged Goddess of Victory. Since the name is both powerful in its mythological history and short in length, it prospered within the industry. Entrepreneurs looking to start a fitness training business can profit off a similar name that is equally motivational. Research some of the most positive, powerful mythological figures. Determine whether any of them can relate to your brand. If you find one that fits and can also be easily pronounced, use it for your branding name.

Consider The Power Of Sounds

Finally, do not overlook the power of sounds as a branding name strategy. Certain sounds stimulate positive emotions. When consumers have a positive response to a word, they generally remember it over other words. Thus, such words are great to include in brand names. The popular ice cream company, Haagen Dasz, used this technique. After all, customers want to associate ice cream with positivity. The positive sound of the brand name produces new business opportunities. To ensure that your name does not have a negative connotation and can generate opportunities, use words that initiate positive feelings.

Your branding name will directly influence your startup, which is why you need to implement the best naming strategies. Firstly, look at a world map for inspiration. Use a branding name generator to either create your entire name or gain insight into word matches that work. Use the scrabble strategy to ensure that consumers will remember your company name. Mythological figures can also generate powerful brand names. Additionally, consider implementing sounds with positive connotations. These are the top branding name strategies to generate catchy ideas for your startup.

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