Invest In Best Brands Of The World To Earn Big Stock Market Returns

If you are an investor, there is no doubt that you are interested in the most valuable brands in the world. These brands of the world influence overall market performance in their respective industries, which has an effect on your investment and options strategies. Consistently updating and improving your investment strategy will help you to improve ROI and make more gains in the market. If you want to know the top brands of the world with the most value for investment purposes, keep reading below.


No shock here, Google is one of the most prominent tech brands in the world. For many years, Google was outperformed by the next company on our list, Apple. However, this year Google reclaimed the crown as the most valuable company in the world. The Google think tank is worth roughly $109 billion and has long been one of the most influential companies in the tech industry. Although the tech industry is quite volatile with new startups and new gadgets coming out at an incredibly rapid pace, investing in Google has proven for many years to be an incredibly safe bet for returns.


Facebook is one of the biggest brands in the world, not only in the social media realm and the online gaming industry, but most importantly in the whole technology sector. They are also one of the best investment opportunities available to all types of investors right now. Recently, Facebook has been getting a bunch of bad press, and that has actually proved to be good news for potential investors. Facebook stock is now a bit more affordable for you, while still promising a wealth of returns from their global business expansion activities. If you want to invest in some of the top brands of the world, you should definitely look to Facebook, the top social media company in the world.


Apple was only just de-throned as the most valuable global brand this past year after the tragic passing of CEO and “face” of the brand, Steve Jobs. However, the cell phone company is sure to readjust and to the loss soon. In the meantime, the company’s performance is nothing to scoff at. Apple is worth just over $107 billion currently, and is sure to adjust to the loss of Jobs within the coming year. If you love Apple products, you can feel comfortable knowing that the company is still performing incredibly well and offers a great investment if you have the money.


Amazon is another one of the top brands in the world. The e-retailer company has a brand value of $139.3 billion, which provides much more promising investing opportunities than the new tech IPOs. This is easily one of the highest brand values worldwide. In addition, the company dedicates a large percentage of their resources to research and development. That means that the company could provide added value to investors, like you. This makes it a very lucrative opportunity for potential investors, like you.


Yet another tech company that tops the list of top performing brands of the world, Samsung is, perhaps, one of the more surprising ones to make the list. It is also one of the only non-American brands to make the list. This Korean conglomerate is best known for producing the Galaxy line of smartphones, but they are much more than just a cell phone company. Samsung also produces many other things, including apparel. If you want to invest in a company that still has room for growth and operates in a number of industries, consider Samsung.


Microsoft is another top performing company worldwide that operates in the technology sector, just like Oracle Corp. While Microsoft is only worth roughly $76 billion, as opposed to those companies 12-figure sums, the longevity of this company’s success provides comfort for those investors with a low risk tolerance. In addition, recent Microsoft developments indicate that business will soon be picking up again. If you are a more risk averse investor, Microsoft is a great investment option to consider if you have the capital required.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the only company on our brands of the world list that is not a tech company, and it is far better performing than EMR stock. This food and beverage company is worth over $58 billion, which is still incredibly impressive, even compared to that of Google and Apple. Coca-Cola’s recent performance decline presents an excellent opportunity to invest now that prices have hit a low-point. However, it is also important to consider the current food and drink trends, which may signal the end of the widespread soda drinking habits. If you want to invest in the food and beverage sector, Coca-Cola is a great place to look.

The companies mentioned above are some of the top brands of the world when in comes to performance and brand value. Most of the list is comprised of tech industry performers, which should be no shock in today’s digital age. Consider the performance of these companies, their core values definiton and how they influence your investment strategy. This will help you to anticipate market changes and improve your ROI. Remember these companies when conducting investment research.

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