What To Do When Bullied At Work To Successfully Keep Your Job

Bullying is the hot topic buzzing on everyone’s lips nowadays. However, the topic at hand is usually concerning schoolchildren. Unfortunately, bullying is not something that ends once your schooldays are behind you. Workplace bullying is a very real concern for many professionals. If you fear you are being bullied at work, there are some steps you can take to navigate the uncomfortable position in a manner that is as pain-free as possible. Keep reading below to learn what to do when you are bullied at work.

Document Everything

Once you start recognizing the bullying in the workplace, you need to start keeping record of each incident. Make sure you keep detailed notes of every interaction, not just the ones that strike you as bullying behavior. When you have everything contemporaneously documented, you have the upper hand. You can prove to your superiors that this workplace bullying did indeed occur. Do not think that submitting employee suggestions is enough. This is important if you want to keep your job despite being bullied at work.

Keep Existing Relationships Strong

Maintain strong relationships with your coworkers who you are already friendly with. When you are being bullied at work, it can be hard not to isolate yourself. However, you need to keep up your workplace relationships. You want to be sure that you keep friendships strong. This way, you do not allow the bully to push you out of a job that you might otherwise enjoy. Go the extra mile to keep your friends close when you are getting bullied at work.

Take Some Time Off

If the workplace harassment has gone on for an extended period of time, you may want to take some paid time off to recharge your batteries. Getting bullied is emotionally draining. It takes a toll on your mood and your work ethic. Take some time off, even if you do not actually go on vacation, to recoup. Disconnecting from work for a little while will better prepare you to deal with your office bully when you get back.

Talk To The Bully

Before you escalate a workplace dispute, talk to the bully directly. Call out their bullying behavior when it happens. Then, leave the room. This way everyone is made away of the abhorrent behavior, and you can leave unscathed. Or, if the bullying is more personal in nature, talk to the bully face to face, not in online meetings. However, you should also be sure to have someone there as a witness if possible. Discuss their behavior with them. It may be uncomfortable, and it may be ineffective, but it is a step you must take to give yourself the high ground if you should choose to escalate the situation.

Take It Up With Management

When all else fails, take it up with management. If you have tried everything you can to get the workplace bullying and harassment to stop, it is time to escalate the situation. Take all of your copious documentation to your superior. Discuss with them why this bully is costing the company money and ruining workplace productivity. Do not approach it from a personal, emotional position. It will be ineffective. When you are being bullied at work, you want to make sure that the last resort is escalating the situation.

If you are an employee who is getting bullied at work, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. You do not want to lose your job. But you also do not want to work at an office where you are miserable every single day thanks to a workplace bully. Use the steps above to deal with office bullying and harassment. They may not always be effective. However, they are the best bet you have to navigate the workplace bullying situation as tactfully and successfully as possible. At the very least, you can be thankful the situation provided useful personality development to strengthen your resolve and confidence.

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