5 Ways Investment Management Company Takes Care Of Financial Needs

Burgundy Asset Management is an investment management company that takes care of your financial and investment needs. Known as an asset management company or AMC, they help you make smart investment decisions to ensure a secure future. But, it is not always easy to make the right calls. Safe investment decisions certainly require considerable expertise and sound investment knowledge. With Burgundy Asset Management’s experience in investing, they offer skilled investment services for you.

Burgundy Asset Management

Burgundy Asset Management mainly provides its services to a variety of groups. First and foremost, the investment management company offers expert investment services to high net-worth individuals. Secondly, they manage investment accounts for pension, endowment and profit sharing plans. Lastly, Burgundy Asset Management services organizations, including charities, non-for-profits and corporations. Whether you are looking to invest for yourself, your business or employees, this investment firm has solutions for almost everyone.

Investments In Equity And Stocks

The company invests in public equity and value stocks across the world, like Oracle Corp shares. Public equity investment would help in the diversification of your portfolio to obtain long term capital growth with minimal capital risk. Additionally, investing in value stocks would ensure a high dividend yield, low price-to-book ratio and low-price-to-earnings ratio for you. Either way, Burgundy Asset Management has investment bank options that are market-friendly too.

Managing Portfolios

Next, Burgundy Asset Management manages fixed income portfolios, ensuring a stable periodic return over a period of time. Fixed income investments are considered to be one of the safest investments with long term return. They provide a great way to minimize inflation risks and dividend rate fluctuations in addition to aluminum futures. Therefore, Burgundy Asset Management’s fixed income portfolio solutions would be a good idea to consider for safer investments.

Simpler Changes

Using the services of a single asset management company, like Yacktman, allows you to easily make changes to your investment portfolio. This is a considerable advantage over other less personalized forms of investment management services. You can easily make changes and receive guidance surrounding those decisions when you have a dedicated team of asset managers available to service you. Adjusting your investment portfolio is a necessary part of all great investing strategies. Make sure it is as easy as possible by using asset management solutions offered by a single asset manager.

Bottom Up Stock Picking

Moreover, Burgundy Asset Management allows you to invest by bottom up stock picking. Bottom up investments encourage good returns from a particularly high-potential company regardless of its sector or industry. It is a safe way to earn a steady return irrespective of the economic trends like the retail industry analysis. However, expertise and experience are required to identify a strong company for bottom up investing. Burgundy Asset Management would provide the needed expertise and experience, conducting rigorous market analysis, to give your bottom up investments a winning chance at high returns.


Lastly, Burgundy is a credible investment management company. They started operations in 1991 and grew to over $19.85 billion in managed assets as of January 2015. They create attractive yields for their clients by actually investing along with their clients. Choosing a suitable asset management firm is certainly up to your discretion. However, with years of successful investment services, Burgundy Asset Management certainly deserves consideration.

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