5 Best Business Card Scanners Features For Optimal Promotion

Business card scanners allow business owners to take advantage of the new connections they make. As a business owner, you are making new contacts all the time. Business card scanners offer business owners an easy way to improve their time management. Whether you own a Papa John’s franchise or a retail store, you could use your time more wisely. It can be tough enough to go from meetings to lunches and back to meetings while juggling physical business cards. App developers responded to this need by offering business card scanners that can boost your productivity. Here are a few features to look out for when choosing the right scanner app for you.

Smart Text Recognition

Good text recognition is the core of any business card scanner, but mileage can vary widely between apps. While most scanners will be able to recognize first and last names easily, look for capabilities that go beyond names and phone numbers. Some scanners, for instance, encounter hiccups when scanning titles such as “MD” after a doctor’s name. Read reviews carefully to spot whether or not users are happy with the level of detail the business card scanner offers. If you have to go back and edit every contact you scan, your business card scanner is not saving you any time. Another crucial feature for some is foreign language characters. If your business does a lot of work with international customers, this capability is vital. You can bring an ample amount of business cards to small business conferences all over the world. Make sure the scanner app you choose is up to the base level of scanning quality your business demands.

Data Syncing

Many of the business cards you receive are going to be on-the-go, so check the app’s data syncing capabilities. You want to choose a business card reader that syncs with whatever software or app you use to manage your contacts. If you run a mostly mobile business, this can be as easy as syncing with your phone’s contacts list. All business card scanners offer this capability. But if you run a larger business or will be sharing your contacts with support staff, you need to make sure that your card scanner is compatible. Check with the app’s developer to ensure that their business card scanner syncs with the platform you use. Some developers only offer contact syncing by asking you to register a free account with them. If you are a small business owner looking to save money, this may be the best option for you. Syncing your contacts across platforms with the aid of a business card scanner can save a lot of time, so look for this feature.

Efficient Contact Management

A good business card scanner offers you the ability to sort, search, and manage the contacts you have scanned. Reliable transcription won’t help if you are unable to sort through the cards you have already scanned. Look for features that allow you to create groupings among the business cards you have scanned. Searchability is a must. If you meet a wide variety of people through your business, the ability to create categories and assign tags can boost your productivity.

Batch Scanning

Look for batch scanning capabilities that allow you to efficiently scan multiple cards at once. If your business takes you to trade conferences and other large gatherings, you will need this feature. You can also use this feature if you like to display your business cards. If you own a coffee franchise, you can leave business cards on each location’s counter to gain customers. Less time spent scanning individual cards translates to better time management for you. This is an invaluable feature if you spend a lot of time collecting cards between stops at the office. Batch scanning greatly improves the return you get from using the app and saves you valuable time.

Social Media Integration

Social media handles are pervasive in some sectors, so many apps offer social media integration to meet this need. Apps offer a few different levels of integration, so choose the option that works for your business needs. If you are a frequent user of Twitter or another platform, choose a scanner app that will link your new contacts to the app of your choice. This is also crucial for business owners who promote their professional work on Instagram or with a Facebook page. Evaluate your business’s marketing strategy. If you find yourself always promoting your business on social media, then pick a business card scanner that integrates with your preferred platform.

Business card scanners can save you enormous amounts of time. Choose a scanner that meets your particular business’s needs. High-quality text recognition is a must. Ensure that the app you go with can sync with the contact and mail software you are already using. Look for features that allow you to tag and sort business card scans in order to organize your new contacts. If you meet lots of potential contacts in a short amount of time, go with an app that can do large batch scans. And finally, social media users will need an app that can recognize social media handles and integrate this information with their platform of choice. Find an app that offers these features to free up time you can better spend building your business.

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