5 Memorable Business Card Setup Design Ideas

Business card setup designs greatly impact a company’s success. The better a business owner’s business card is, the more clients they will attract. As a business owner looking to grow your client base, you might need to upgrade your current business card. It could make all the difference for you if your current card is out-dated, unappealing or difficult to read. You need a card that positively reflects your brand. To achieve that positive brand image, read this post and learn the top memorable business card setup design ideas.

Choose Unique Shapes

One of the best ways to establish a memorable business card setup is to choose a unique shape for your business card. For some companies, using the typical rectangular shape is highly effective. The commonly used shape is, after all, professional-looking and fits well into clients’ wallets. However, more and more companies are starting to use shapes that relate to their brands. For instance, a juice bar might create business cards that are shaped like their juice cups. A gym franchise might use a dumbbell shape. Owners of Great Clips franchises might shape their business cards like scissors. The possibilities are endless with this idea. As long as you ensure that the shape does not prevent prospective clients from comfortably storing your cards in their wallets, you can benefit from this memorable business card setup design idea.

Incorporate Custom Typography

Another effective business card setup design idea to consider using is incorporating custom typography. Consumers usually notice business cards with large typography displayed on the front. Entrepreneurs ranging from those ready to start hair salons to the ones who are in finance use this tactic to establish initial customer bases. After all, business cards with typography really get brands noticed. The custom design makes the business owner handing out the card seem not only modern, but more personable. Most business card designs that include typography usually use plain backgrounds so that their unique font stands out. Keep this business card setup design idea in mind if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Use Special Finishes

Furthermore, the best business card setup designs include special finishes. Some finishes to consider include foil blocking and metallic inks. Because most businesses either use a glossy finish or avoid using finishes at all due to the price, using special options will make your cards unique. While the price is something to be cautious about, you should keep in mind that the price you pay now could earn you large sums later. This is yet another design idea that can enable you to stand out among your competitors.

Add Original Images

Business owners who use original images in their business cards also attract more clients. After all, original photos give business card recipients insight into what makes that company different from others in the industry. If you own a pizza restaurant, you need to use quality photographs of your pictures to show prospective customers that your pizza is better than other pizza restaurants’ pies. The best way for you to convince customers to visit your location is to show them why they should right on your business card. If you do, you will create a business card setup design like no other.

Include Social Media Handles

In addition to the above business card setup design ideas, consider including social media handles to ensure that your card is memorable. Consumers today turn to social media channels for more information on brands. Therefore, if a prospective client receives your business card and sees that your Instagram handle is on it, they will likely look you up on the platform. If they like what they see, they will, in the very least, remember your social media handle. You could even gain more followers that will enable you to grow your online presence, which could lead to more customers. If you want to take building your digital presence a step further, consider creating e business cards as well. Use social media handles in your business card setup design to stand out and expand your online presence.

Business owners use great business card setup designs to constantly attract new customers. If you want to do the same, consider using the idea of using unique shapes. You could also incorporate custom typography that gives your brand a personalized touch. Cards with special finishes usually stand out since most companies avoid paying for the costly feature. Original images also get brands noticed because they show consumers what makes them unique. Lastly, add your social media handles to your card’s content portion to give consumers a memorable way to learn more about your brand. Use these top business card setup design ideas to stand out in your industry.

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