5 Business Ideas You Can Do With A Motorcycle

One of the most efficient means of transportation available is a motorcycle. And with gasoline prices rising all the time, motorbike sales are on the rise as well. But other than getting great fuel mileage, what are some of the perks of owning a motorcycle versus a car?

  • They are typically easier and cheaper to repair and maintain than a car, truck, or van.
  • You can park just about anywhere. Just think, no more parallel parking your car.
  • You have more flexibility in traffic, including the ability to stop just about anywhere if necessary.
  • The insurance for a motorcycle is typically cheaper than insurance for a car or truck.
  • And they can be just plain fun to ride!

In addition to all these advantages, you can even start your own business to make the most of your motorcycle ownership. Even if you already have a full-time job, many people nowadays are looking for a way to make some extra money.

Business Ideas for Motorcycle Owners

Here are five great ideas for businesses that you can operate using your motorcycle.

First and foremost, you can start a delivery or courier service. Obviously, your packages will be limited to relatively small things, but it can be done with minimal fuel and maintenance cost to you. You can deliver reasonable amounts of food or document-sized packages with ease. Depending on the items to be carried, you could also transport medical deliveries. If you live in an urban area, being a courier with a car can be cumbersome, trying to navigate traffic and find parking. Both of those complications are greatly reduced when you are zipping around town on your handy motorcycle.

Certain types of security jobs could be done via motorcycle as well, if the area to be covered is the right size. Some neighborhoods or business parks can be too large to cover reasonably on foot, but are not large enough to really require a car. A motorcycle could be just the thing to get the job done. Since security personnel are employed to primarily provide a deterrent, a motorcycle can be quite an advantage. The motorcycle can even fit into areas that a car would not necessarily fit, such as on the sidewalk itself or down narrow alleys and corridors.

Anyone who has ever owned a motorcycle has probably taken a motorcycle riding and safety class. When you have your own motorcycle ready to go, you can become an instructor for new bike owners. Most cities and states do have required certifications and qualifications to become an instructor. Once those are achieved, you can run your own business teaching new motorcycle riders. If you are an experienced rider and have completed the necessary certifications, then your students are more likely to have faith in you as an instructor. Would you trust a mechanic who does not own a vehicle?

Any sort of business that requires extensive transportation instantly becomes more economic when performed on a motorcycle. For example, an insurance or home inspector sometimes has to travel all over their region to perform the duties of their job. Likewise, a mobile notary service can easily be offered when you have a motorcycle at your disposal. Again, the ease of traffic navigation and parking make this much more achievable on a motorcycle. Most of these types of businesses rely on volume, so being able to get from one engagement to the next quickly is an asset to your business and a boon to your profits.

Another service that becomes much more economically viable on a motorcycle is pet sitting. I do realize that this one does not seem like a motorcycle job at first. However, when you are offering pet sitting and dog walking services, the individual jobs could be spread out all over the city. The average miles per gallon for a motorcycle is about 50, so when you factor the gas cost into your service pricing, you can cut your customers a great deal or you can pocket a little extra profit. Just remember that Fluffy probably does not want a ride!

And these are just some suggestions to get your thought processes working. One of the best features of being an entrepreneur is that you can come up with your own small business ideas. It does not have to be something that’s already available; in fact, the most successful businesses are usually frontrunners in their services or products. They have a new way of doing something or they offer something that isn’t available anywhere else. If you see a need, especially for a mobile service, then owning a motorcycle might just give you the advantage you need to succeed. After all, being able to keep the fuel costs down means that you can reduce the prices for your customers. And everyone loves a deal!

Tips To Start Your Business

If you are looking to start your own small business, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

Start with a plan. At least put together a general idea of what you want to do, how you plan to get there, and who your customers will be. It’s easier to succeed when you can see the path.

And plan ahead. Get customers first, even if you have to give away your services at first. If you wait until you are completely up and running, you will end up having overhead without any income or operating budget.

Build your support. Whether that be your spouse at home, your local buddies, or a professional networking group, don’t travel the path alone.

Finances, finances, finances. Don’t quit your day job too early. Not only do you still have regular ‘life’ expenses, but there will be some expenses to get the business started. You can line up a personal loan if necessary, but mostly just make sure your needs are covered before you take the leap.

So rev that engine, get the brain working, and buckle on your helmet. It’s time to put that motorcycle to work for you!

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