How To Get The Best Business Inventory Loan Rates


Since businesses require well-stocked inventories to run effectively, many company owners turn to business inventory loans for financial support. As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with inventory standards. This is particularly true when income is low. To boost your profits, you need to sell more products. Unfortunately, those products get expensive to manufacture. Whether you own a music business or a retail store, manufacturing costs rise unexpectedly. With the best inventory loans, you can pay for more products to be made without falling into business debt. Continue reading to learn how to get the best business inventory loan rates.

Choose A Type Of Financing

Business owners who find the best business inventory loan rates begin by choosing a type of inventory financing. After all, loan rates differ depending on how you wish to obtain funding. More so, each financing option comes with different requirements. The most popular options include online inventory financing, traditional bank financing and vendor financing. Many business owners also opt for business lines of credit and asset-based lending. Use your company’s financial information to determine which options you can qualify for. Then, choose between your remaining inventory loan options.

Meet High Credit Score Expectations

Another step business owners take to find the best inventory loan rates is boost their credit scores. They do so because lenders who offer the best rates require strong credit scores. This is true for lenders who provide businesses with equipment loans and other types of funding as well. When business owners have low credit scores, they can receive funding. Unfortunately, they also receive high interest rates. In turn, they risk falling into debt. If they receive a loan with bad rates, they will be able to stock up on products to sell. However, business could decrease. Then, they end up with stocked shelves and no profit. Furthermore, they are stuck paying off a pricey loan that they cannot afford. Avoid this outcome by boosting your credit score before applying for inventory loans.

Provide Impressive Revenue Documentation

In addition to high credit scores, inventory loan lenders also prefer high annual business revenue. Therefore, you can convince top lenders to offer you funding if you can prove that you have consistently sold products. Use your barcode inventory system and sales records to obtain such proof. To take your persuasive tactics a step further, offer lenders other valuable information. Such information can consist of market research. If your research indicates that your product is in high demand, show lenders. They value data that proves future success because it indicates that they will receive their capital. You can find the top business inventory loan rates by providing lenders with impressive revenue documentation as well.

Run A Well-Established Company

Lenders also provide low inventory loan rates to business owners who run a well-established company. There are many lenders who offer business inventory loans to startup companies. However, they do not provide low interest rates. The best lenders only accept borrowers who have been in business for at least two years. They prefer these established businesses over startups because rooted companies usually understand the industry better. Therefore, they pose as less of a risk for lenders. If a company has been in business for a few years, chances are they struggled financially and drove themselves back up again. Prove your worth by operating your company for a few years before applying for a business inventory loan. Then, you will receive better rates.

Compare Annual Percentage Rates

Lastly, business owners find the best inventory loan rates by comparing annual percentage rates. Once you have your options narrowed down and feel that you can meet high standards, compare your options’ annual percentage rates. Popular rates range from 9% to 99%. When searching for the best rates, keep the other features of a loan in mind. You might come across a lender that offers great interest rates, but cannot offer the loan amount you need. If you choose that loan anyway, you risk not increasing your profits. Compare annual percentage rates, but do not lose sight of other important features of a business inventory loan.

Numerous business owners apply for inventory loans on a daily basis. To find the best rates, first choose a type of inventory financing that will benefit your company. Improve your credit score as much as possible to qualify for the best loans. Offer impressive revenue documentation to prove your company’s worth. Run your business for a minimum of 2 years to qualify for inventory loans with the lowest rates. Finally, compare APRs of your options, but keep other factors in mind. Consider these features to find the best inventory loan rates for your business.

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