5 Consequences Of Business Owners Facing A DWI Charge

A DWI charge means that you’ve been charged for driving while intoxicated. It’s a given fact that once you’ve had too many drinks, your ability to drive is impaired. Common sense will then dictate that you should never drink and drive. But sometimes, fun may get the best of you. Your decision making is so impaired that you forget what your conscience is telling you to do. In effect, you’re putting your own life and the lives of those around you at risk.

This fact is precisely why DWI charges are taken very seriously. No matter what your job is or what sector you belong to, when faced with this charge, you’re sure to face serious consequences. This is why you should always endeavor to drive safely. Here, the focus is on business owners. How does a DWI charge affect entrepreneurs and employers? What occurs when a business owner is arrested for a DUI? Read through to find out.

Consequences Of Your First DWI Offense

Many people think that they can have some kind of probation simply because it’s their first charge. This is not true as you will still be in for some consequences. Depending on the laws of your state and the severity of your offense, you may even be ordered to spend some time in your local jail. As a business owner, this isn’t something that you’d ever want to experience. When this gets out in the public or in the industry, it can significantly tarnish your reputation and negatively affect your business.

Additionally, your driver’s license may also be suspended. If you’re driving yourself to and from your business establishment, then this can also affect your operations as you will no longer be able to freely drive around. To help you navigate smoothly through your first offense, have a DWI lawyer such as DWI Guy, by your side. That way, you may even be able to haggle or negotiate your penalties better.

Impounding Of Your Vehicle

If you were using your company or business vehicle at the time that you’ve been charged, you’re also going to suffer the consequence of your car getting impounded. If it was your personal vehicle, then you’re alright. But, if you were using one of or the only car that you use for your daily business operations, then you’re in for some serious trouble. When your vehicle is impounded, it can take days, or sometimes months, before your DWI charge is settled. Hence, the car stays in the custody of the police. Your business suffers greatly when, for instance, you no longer have a vehicle to go about your daily business activities or operations.

Insurance Rates Will Rise

Apart from the penalties that you’ll have to pay, there are other financial consequences that you’re going to suffer, too, as a business owner with a DWI charge. Having a DUI criminal record can have a serious impact on your overall insurance rates. One of the most compelling of them all is that after your charge, your car insurance rates are going to rise. This change applies not just to the vehicle that was used when you were charged, but also those that you use in business that are registered in your name.

Because of your DWI charge, you’re now considered as a safety risk driver. Hence the need to increase the premium on the insurance for the vehicles under your name. If you’re still new in business, this can burn a big hole in your business budget. As your expenses now increase to a fixed amount annually, so all the more should your efforts to earn a good revenue also increase.

Prohibition From Driving

If your DWI charge results in a conviction, you’re also going to be met with a prohibition from driving. Unfortunately, this prohibition can extend and be applied even when the revocation of your license is already lifted. As a business owner, this can be a challenging consequence, especially if, for instance, your prohibition lasts for at least a year.

Supposing that driving plays a significant role in getting from one client to another in the business that you belong to when you can no longer drive, you’re going to need to make severe changes in the way your company operates. In the worst cases, this can even result in lower revenues due to your inability now to run smoothly.

Credit Score Suffers

Another one of the economic effects that a DWI charge can bring business owners is that your personal and business credit score may suffer. Now, your business finances will have to go through a lot of adjustments. Naturally, there’s the penalties and fines that you’ll have to pay. Then, there’s the increase in insurance premiums. If you even hurt or injured another person due to driving while intoxicated, this could even result in a costly full-blown trial. If there’s anything related to your DWI charge that remains unpaid, it becomes a debt on top of another. This can hurt your credit score, especially if you’re trying to apply for a business loan.

These effects enumerated above are only a few of the many ill effects that one can face due to a DWI charge. The legal consequences are grave, there’s no other way to put it. So, once you decide to go above and beyond the law by driving while you’re drunk, you should also be ready to face the consequences of your decision. But, as a parting word, too, don’t lose hope if you’ve been charged with one. It’s not the end of the world, and there’s still so much room for you to redeem yourself, particularly in the business industry. Now that you’re informed of these consequences, do everything that you can to avoid having this violation.

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