Why Business Performance Dress Shirts Are Worth Wearing At Work

The generation of millennials grew up with wicking fabrics and technology. They expect to be comfortable, cool and highly productive at work. This same generation is buying into the the next generation of business attire, performance dress shirts. Although these shirts come with a higher price tag, here are some reasons why they are worth wearing for professionals in business.

Professional Looking Shirts

First and foremost, business attire should be professional like the Warby Parker look. To look your best at the office, your shirts should be button-down, collared and long sleeves. The classic shirt will have a chest pocket and easy fabric. Of course, it needs to be ironed too. Now, you can add the performance factor to your dress shirt. It will look professional while adding performance fabric.

Moisture Wicking Features

The performance dress shirt offers moisture wicking. For businessmen who sweat a lot, this is all the performance you need in a shirt. The fabric wicks away moisture from the body to keep you cool and comfortable in any working environment. Instead of walking around with pit stains or a dark colored back, your shirt fabric will take care of the moisture that would usually build up.

Fabric That’s Flexible

In a performance shirt, the fabric stretches in multiple directions. Of course, fabric is flexible and can be folded into whatever shape. However, a performance fabric will “move” and “stretch” with your body. This added performance allows you a greater range of moment and freedom. When wearing a shirt and trying to become an actor, you’ll have the same feeling of wearing gym clothes. That would be nice for the next time you have to run up and down floors for the cast or team meeting.

Stain Repellent Performance

Sometimes, it’s not enough to deal with internal moisture and movement. Your dress shirt faces many external wears and tears. We all know how it feels to buy a brand new dress shirt. Then, a slice of tomato falls out of your sandwich and ruins a perfectly white shirt. Rather than go to the dry cleaners or try to save the mayo and tomato stain in your shirt, you could buy a performance shirt. The stain resistant fabrics will repel liquids and foods from ruining your shirt. As a result, you won’t have to come back from your business lunch looking like you missed your mouth when eating.

Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

Of course, a performance shirt shouldn’t requiring ironing. When investing in a quality shirt, the wrinkle free performance saves you time and effort. It adds to your actual business performance. And, your business dress shirt looks great all day long. Even if you are in long mergers and acquisitions meetings all day, your shirt will look clean pressed. This is an added bonus to performance button-down shirts.

Considerably, performance dress shirts have a variety of reasons to make the investment. They can help business professionals of all types work better overall. Whether it is cycling to office, avoiding subconscious sweat stains or keeping your shirt looking clean, performance is very advantageous. If you would like to perform better at work, you should think about buying performance dress shirts to wear in business.

Image from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/woodies/woodies-the-ultimate-performance-dress-shirt

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