How Warby Parker Marketing Made Socially Conscious Business Cool


Founded with the aim of offering stylish eye-wear at low prices, Warby Parker Facebook has taken social media marketing and branding to a new heights. Their marketing strategies have helped them stay a step ahead of competitors. As a result, within just five years of its inception, the company has become a familiar name among internet savvy modern buyers. What’s more, the Warby Parker Facebook page is now considered a leader of socially conscious businesses without the costs of Facebook Ads. In fact, new business owners can learn some valuable marketing tips from Warby Parker’s Facebook strategy. To help you in this regard, Warby Parker’s marketing strategies have been discussed in the following.

Recognizing An Urgent Need

Started in 2010, Warby Parker endeavors to provide reasonably priced eye-wear. Most designer spectacles are extremely costly in US. The team of four friends, who established Warby Parker, recognized this problem because they also wear glasses. When a pair of eye-wear gets broken, replacing them becomes a costly affair. As a result, sometimes the customers have to go without glasses for some time. To solve this problem, Warby Parker Facebook has made a wide range of low cost prescription eye-wear available to buyers. The company has continued to make e-commerce news thanks to their eyewear solution. Certainly, offering solution to a serious problem faced by public is the first step to developing a strong social media presence.


The founders of Warby Parker also frequently utilize the podcasting medium to promote their brand. This is so effective because it allows you to communicate directly with your target demographic through a medium they enjoy. It also helps to further your brand identity and promote brand loyalty. When podcast listeners hear your speaking about your business on an entrepreneur podcast or similar, they will have further insight into you personally as well as your business. This helps to foster customer loyalty because listeners feel more invested when they know the backstory of how you started your business. If you want to reach your target audience with some of the newest marketing strategies out there, capitalize on the podcast medium.

Communicates Through Social Media

Keeping their serious problem and solution in mind, Warby Parker has started interacting with its target audience through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instead of just answering emergency queries of customers, Warby Parker’s Facebook team concentrates on replying almost immediately to each comments of customers. Quite naturally, they receive more customer responses than other similar businesses in social networking platforms. Furthermore, Warby Parker Facebook maintains a friendly, humane and helpful approach to endear the prospective customers, gaining their trust. It also helps to lower business printing costs for the company. These simple customer care practices have helped the Facebook page engage a huge number of prospective buyers.

Informative And Interesting Content

Moreover, Warby Parker’s Facebook page always provides interesting and sharable content. They involve their Customer Experience Team directly in their marketing campaigns. For example, Warby Parker Facebook asks the opinion of customers to help a customer care personnel choose the perfect eye-wear. Surely, their social media followers, particularly their Instagram followers, enjoy participating in such fun tasks. At the same time, Warby Parker drives target audience members from social media sites to product pages, increasing chances of lead conversion. On top of that, they post curated and helpful information about latest eye-wear collections, successfully attracting more prospective customers to their website from Facebook. Using these various content marketing strategies, their Facebook page continues to grow daily.

Social Impact

Next, Warby Parker Facebook appeals to the overall community through social impact with their social media marketing tactics. The company has partnered with VisionSpring, donating a percentage of their monthly total sales to provide eye-wear for the underprivileged. Moreover, its non-profit partners train men and women in developing nations, giving basic eye examination and selling low cost eye-wear to them. By sharing videos of these charitable activities on Facebook, Warby Parker gains more support from their target audience. Undoubtedly, audiences respond positively to this marketing strategy because it has emotional and social impact. Simultaneously, the activities grow the Warby Parker Facebook page’s popularity in appreciation of their efforts.

Warby Parker’s Facebook shows us some creative ways of marketing on Facebook. First of all, it emphasizes communicating effectively with target audiences. Next, they post useful and helpful content to contribute to their audience base. Then, they share their passion for making a social impact too. Following Warby Parker Facebook page, it is no secret how they are able to receive such high exposure, even without using the standard influencer marketing strategies everyone else uses.

Not Just Marketing

It is not just Warby Parker marketing efforts responsible for the company’s wide-spread success. Warby Parker owners Niel Blumenthal and David Gilboa credit their success to their hard work and perfectionism. Just like almost every other successful business in existence, Warby Parker’s co-founders work very hard to ensure that every detail of production, retail and more are perfect. Learn from the best. If you work hard and strive for perfection, your business will do well.

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