Why Is Business Process Automation Crucial To Your Business?

If you take an honest look at your business organization chart and how it is operating, it may not surprise you that a few key issues may glare back at you. Upon careful analysis, you recognize that your business’s productivity is not where it should be, and that, coupled with the inefficiencies you identify, may be cause for alarm. Pinpointing where the bottlenecks are occurring in your company’s workflow is imperative. However, to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you’ll need to implement effective strategies and solutions that eliminate these roadblocks. Business process automation (BPA) can help get your business back on track and perform at an optimal level.

Save Time & Money

Business process automation (BPA) is a valuable strategy which enables organizations to use technology to streamline their systems through workflows. BPA can significantly transform the way your business is performing by replacing time-consuming manual processes and tasks with software tools and process redesign. The primary objective of business automation is to save organizations of all sizes both time and money. From document management including record keeping, invoicing, and data entry to email alerts and notifications, BPA integrates all of your applications while enabling you to maintain complete control and oversight of your organization’s sales, analytics, planning, scheduling, and more.

A benefit to using business process automation is that it can integrate into a wide range of operational areas within your business such as sales (tracking sales leads), client management (employee collaboration), marketing (email marketing campaigns), and client support. According to Forrester, BPA can dramatically improve operational efficiency while reducing operating costs by a staggering 90%. Additionally, business process automation solutions can be integrated into employee onboarding, invoicing, purchase orders, and more.

A Hands-Free, Error-Free Solution

Too often, employees are performing time-consuming, low-value tasks such as searching for documents or manually inputting data. These tasks can create significant slowdowns for employees which can lead to inefficiencies as well as errors across your entire organization. Thanks to business process automation your employees are freed up to focus on higher value activities such as sales, customer service, and other strategic thinking tasks that they were hired to perform. Tasks that once took hours, days, or even weeks to do manually, can be completed in minutes with automation. Simply put, BPA enables information within your organization to move from one point to another more expeditiously while minimizing costly human error.

What The Stats Show

The implementation of business process management and automation can assist your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Real-time visibility and transparency.
  • Improved governance/oversight.
  • Business rules and procedures can be applied for greater consistency.
  • A higher degree of accuracy.
  • An enhanced customer experience.

Statistics show that by 2021, spending on business process automation is expected to be at 12.7 billion dollars globally. These trending figures demonstrate that businesses of all sizes are continually embracing BPA tools and utilizing them to streamline their operational processes specifically when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency.

Using A Flexible & Scalable BPA Solution

Your organization needs a BPA solution that is flexible and scalable – enabling you and your employees to work the way you want. That is why it is vital that you look at your business’s pain points, as well as your budget, and evaluate where in your organization you think business process automation would be the most beneficial at this point.

Ultimately, incorporating business process automation into your organization’s daily operational tasks and procedures is advantageous when it comes to elevating your business to a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and value. Having your employees work in a higher capacity, while your clients benefit from a more significant customer experience is a win-win solution.

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