How To Buy Bitcoin For Using A Debit Or Credit Card

If you are new to the whole thing, you are probably wondering whether you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Well, the answer to that question is simple – yes, credit cards are available as a payment method. However, it was a tough process back in the day, until the largest cryptocurrency exchanges paid attention to it.

The Thing About The Fees

Every payment method has fees which can differ a lot. In impactful factor here are the platforms for cryptocurrency investments available on exchange. They usually charge fees for the services they offer. Platforms that have higher fees are not necessarily better – at least not for beginners. Both too high and too low fees are rather suspicious.

If you explore the reliable platforms that offer buying Bitcoin with credit cards, the fees will generally range from around 4%, and go as far as 10%. The thing is that these amounts include the fees charged by the exchange itself, as well as the fees charged for card processing. It is a common practice among all the legit and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Let’s look into some of them.

There are not many exchanges that will allow you to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card. Some of them are Coinbase, Coinmama, CEX.IO and BitPanda. When it comes to the fees charged, they will vary from one exchange to another with 1.49% for Bitpanda, 3.99% for Coinbase, 5.9% for Coinmama, and 7% for some instant crypto purchases. Mind that the final amount of fees can differ due to the charges necessary for credit card processing.

With all that said, let’s proceed to the process of buying Bitcoin with a credit card via one of these exchanges.

Purchasing Your First Bitcoin

It is especially good for people who want to get into buying Bitcoin or any other crypto for the first time. Although their fees for the instant buy service are high enough and go up to 7%, the website is one of the leaders in processing credit card transactions. The reason for its popularity is the support for a lot of countries and regions. It is very likely that this exchange is available in the country where you currently reside – so, make sure to check it first.

But First, Connect Your Card

The first phase of getting the card accepted by an exchange is to be assured that your bank confirmed and verified the card. Next, you should be eligible for the trade, exchanges do not let people who are younger than 18 make an account.

When these two conditions are met, you can proceed to link the card with the website. Most exchanges have a very similar process. As mentioned above, we will make the case on CEX.IO as it is currently considered the number one option for purchasing Bitcoin with a credit card. The following is a simple how-to guide:

  1. Make an account – this is a straightforward procedure which requires you to provide your basic information and verify the account.
  2. Sign in .
  3. Go to the online ledger which is located in the upper right corner. You will see there a drop-down menu.
  4. Find the Card Manager option and click it.
  5. You must input some information connected to your credit or debit card – such as your first and last name, number of your card, the expiry date, etc. So, check that you have it in front of you.
  6. The following step requires that you send a photo of you while holding your credit card. Most of the exchanges require this step in order to approve your payment method and make sure it’s not stolen.
  7. If you didn’t verify the account, you would have to upload another photo of an identity document next to the credit card.
  8. Finally, you must input the CVV/CVC code. It is a three-digit number located at the back of your card.

Become An Owner Of Your First Bitcoin

Following the example of buying your first Bitcoin, let’s look into the process of buying Bitcoin with a credit card on their platform. In fact, there won’t be an extensive multiple-stage guide here, because similar to buying and selling stocks, Bitcoin transactions are completed in a matter of minutes and in a few clicks only.

What you need is to navigate to the BUY/SELL page where you will be presented with a number of predefined offers for buying Bitcoin. Actually, there are three options – get Bitcoin for $200, $500, and $1,000. Choose the best one and click the BUY button – that’s it.

If none of the options suits you well, you can also set a custom order, defining the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy, or vice versa. Just input it in a special box on the page, and the service will automatically calculate how much money it is going to cost you compared to the fundamental value of Bitcoin. The further actions are already familiar to you – click BUY and enjoy your freshly bought Bitcoin.


Credit cards are certainly the best method when it comes to buying your first Bitcoin, assuming that you do not have other coins so far. Once you follow all the instructions from this article, you can begin purchasing crypto easily.

Make sure to check the exchanges which we listed above as they are currently the best when it comes to prices and a level of service. Pay particular attention if you are a newbie in crypto, as it offers the most suitable environment for beginners.

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