How Cryptocurrency Investments Can Earn Long Term Returns

Cryptocurrencies were born in 2008 with a published paper by Satoshi. It relies on blockchain transactions that get confirmed by an entire network of miners. To invest in concurrency, you can simply sign up at an exchange and buy some digital coin. However, the intricacies of trading digital currencies are attracting experienced traders from penny stocks, options and commodities. As a new investor in cryptocurrency, here are ways that the investments can earn significant profit.

Buy And Hold

Similar to regular stock trading, buying cryptocurrecny to hold for the long term is a common strategy. Early movers on the cryptocurrencies have cashed out millions in profits. To buy and hold requires a long term outlook. If the exchange takes a dip, you can’t cash out. Simply, you invest into a digital currency of your choice. Then, walk away for a while. When you’re ready to cash out after a long period, you would hope that your cryptocurrency is trading at a higher rate.

Arbitrage Cryptocurrency

Another way to earn with cryptocurrencies, arbitraging exchanges is risky. Each digital exchange offers various digital currencies. These might include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. In any of these online currencies, they all trade a slightly different rates in each exchange. As a savvy investor, you can monitor these differences to earn a few percentage points. If done regularly at scale like ClearTrust, you can earn a income similar to how day traders will arbitrage commodities.

Buy Cryptocurrency Funds

Recently developed, Bitcoin-based ETF are just like investment funds on Bond Street referrals. Instead of directly buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you buy stock or ETF share. This can be more risky than other ways of investing in cryptocurrency. However, you do receive the group buying effects that are associated with investment funds. Just be prepared to pay the additional management fee for the ETF Bitcoin fund.

Invest In Bitcoin Miners

Since cryptocurrencies require miners to verify transactions, you can invest in mining companies. Major venture capitalists, industrial investors and institutions have invested into the cyrptocurrency platforms. They are helping the mining system run with innovative technologies to earn coins off of each transaction. While it might not be profitable to do mining yourself, these new cryptocurrency companies could be a more secure way of investing into the fabric of digital currencies.

Trade Between Cryptocurrency Coins

As we have covered, there are a hand full of main cryptocurrencies. The two major ones are Bitcoin and Ether. If you want to start trading between the various coins, you can look up exchanges for lots of coins. Invest in them and start trading between the value of these digital currencies. Some exchanges allow for this transfer. As a result, you can think of this like forex trading for cryptocoins. They are all currencies of different types with an opportunity to turn a profit as they fluctuate in value.

Investing in cryptocurrency can make money. You can apply different investment strategies like George Sorros to earn a return. However, keep in mind that these digital currencies come with added risk. They are not considered Fiat currency or tied to a real material like gold. Make sure you do your research and pick a cryptocurrency trading strategy that suits your risk tolerance.

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