How To Buy International Domains For Global Organizations

Corporations looking to stretch out into the global market need to acquire international domains for their organization. As the head of a global organization yourself, you are responsible for overseeing the procurement and maintenance of these domains. If your company has multiple domains, your global visibility will greatly increase. For this reason, many international businesses acquire several domains. However, knowing what channels to access and what steps to follow during the process of buying these domains can be tricky. Keep reading to learn how to buy international domains for global organizations.

Find A Registrar

In order to acquire an international domain, start by finding an online domain registrar. There are many companies out there that specialize in global registration and trademark protection for domain names. Using a registrar ensures that your domain will be compliant with each country’s regulations that you host a website in. Find a registrar that is easy to use, reputable, and affordable. Many of these registrar companies require very little information from you. This means that you get a domain quickly and free of hassle. As you begin to look into buying international domains for your global organization, find a registrar to guide you in the process.

Choose A Name And Extension

After you find an online international registrar, choose a name and extension for your new domain. Create a name that is reflective of your organization’s goals. Ensure the name is readable in each country you register. Consider using a “.international” web domain extension to maximize your reach and creative options. There are no existing restrictions on .international domain names. However, .international extensions limit your ability to customize your domain name for each country you register in. No matter what you decide on, choosing a name is a simple yet important part of buying international domains for your global organization.

Register The Domain

Once you decide on a name and extension for your domain, register it with the international registrar you found as well. You will have to pay a small registration fee for each domain you wish to buy. This process typically takes 24-72 hours for the registration application to be approved. For the Domain Name System to authenticate and update its worldwide system with your domains, allow up to another 72 hours. After that period, you have access to issue live updates and add content to your domain. For global organizations looking to buy international domains, registering the domain name is one of the last steps in getting up and running.

Set Up Your New Domain

Now that you have registered your domain, it is time to begin setting up your site. This is a good time to consider hiring a marketing team and familiarizing yourself with the markets in each country you registered in as well. They can assist you in setting up custom domain emails for your business. Moreover, consider what type of website builder you want to use. If you do not plan on running the site yourself, invite other users to access and make edits to your domain. Most domain hosting companies allow for easy transference of admin duties. After you have bought an international domain for your global organization, start setting your website up.

Renew Your Domain

Finally, be prepared to renew your domain name when its expiration date is approaching. Typically, a domain name is registered for anywhere between 1 and 10 years. While registrars give you a grace period of up to 60 days to renew, after that period someone else can claim your domain name. To ensure this does not happen to you, set a reminder in your calendar to notify you of the upcoming expiration. Many registrars even offer a notification service to inform you of impending expiration. The last step in buying and maintaining international domains for global organizations is to renew your domain.

Owning international domains is essential to running a global organization. Start by finding an online international domain name registrar. Then, follow up by creating a domain name and registering that domain. As you set up your domain, consider whether or not you want to bring in a team to take over its operation. Lastly, make sure that you renew your domain name ahead of its expiration to maintain ownership. With this advice, you know how to buy international domains for your global organization.

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