9 Reasons For Americans To Buy Products Made In America

Products can come from anywhere, and many things you buy won’t be made on American soil. But it’s becoming more and more important to support and expand homegrown businesses, especially as the global market grows increasingly uncertain.

But that’s not the only reason you should purchase products manufactured in the good old USA. Here are quite a few of them that you should consider.

It Supports Future Generations

Everyone has heard of the term “family business” and that’s what US-based companies often are. In a world with requirements for job candidates becoming more difficult to live up to, family businesses can provide employment to generations of family, friends and other employees.

Plus, the more people spend on American goods and services, the more can be put back into spreading the American-made dream. In turn, this can ensure more American-based jobs for future and current generations. After all, someone needs to make the abundance of products.

It Promotes Independence

The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world, and near-full independence can only make that truer. In times of crisis, it’s vital that nations at least have a small amount of self-sufficiency to get through an emergency. It would be a vast improvement to have this independence all the time, too.

Once upon a time, the US was one of the powerhouses in the market globally. Yet these days, America relies in low-cost trades with countries all over the globe. Losing independence is a tragic thing; it would be wise to obtain it once more through USA made and union made clothing and products.

It Hurts the Environment Far Less

Transportation is one of the greatest inventions in modern times, but it’s also one of the deadliest for our planet. One little car ride doesn’t seem like it increases one’s carbon footprint very much. But increase the vehicle’s size and make it a plane or a boat. Then multiply it by supplying goods to an entire nation. The resulting environmental impact packs a punch.

Keeping trades on American soil turns the planes and boats back into cars and trains. This keeps more heavy business vehicles off the roads to transport international goods. Although it’s not the perfect solution, it’s far better than those fuel-guzzling monsters going back and forth across the world.

It’s Fairer to Workers

It’s tragic, but true: sweatshops are still around all over the world, where children slave away in factories for almost no pay. If Americans switch to exclusively purchasing home-crafted items, it won’t stop the unfairness. However, it will take millions or hours of painful work away.

When buying American products, you know that the people who made it got at least minimum wage and had comfortable, safe working conditions to do it in. You can rest easy, guilt-free, and be proud of the working conditions in your country.

Top-Quality Goods Are Guaranteed

It’s true we can monitor shipments, but when we import goods, we can’t test them. We also can’t be sure the manufacturers are being truthful. Sometimes, so-called rubber-sole shoes can feel awfully hard for rubber, and crack too easily, too.

With a “Made in the USA” label, however, you get guaranteed careful craftsmanship. And though some products will still be factory made, they’ll have gone through a sure testing period, and will have been crafted with precision and care in mind.

Now, you might pay more for an American-made product, but that’s the reason you pay more. A hand-stitched pair of loafers will last years longer than ones thrown together with hot glue.

Eliminate Political Debates with Foreign Countries

As much as we’d all love everyone in the world to see eye to eye, it just won’t happen. Therefore, there are many obstacles to overcome when importing from foreign countries. Plus, it’s worse when the two nations have a strained relationship.

Debates can often turn political and nasty, so it’s easier on everyone to become independent, as much as possible. If a trade goes too badly with another nation, things might turn sour and leave the US without a vital good that isn’t manufactured at home.

The Economy Thrives

It’s not just about family businesses and getting jobs for those future generations of relatives and friends. When you buy American, the entire economy prospers.

More money flowing through home means Americans will hire American companies and contractors, rather than outsourcing. And as demands grow, so do job opportunities for people in all kinds of industries across the United States.

Keeping the economy booming and keeping all the financial investments close to home can only bring great things into existence for the country.

Lowers The U.S. Trade And Budget Deficit

By purchasing American made products, you can contribute to lowering the U.S. trade and budget deficit. These figures are crucial factors that contribute to total debt owned nationwide. Purchasing American made goods supports U.S. goods, jobs, and taxes. Ultimately, this means more revenue being sent to the Treasury Department. By consistently looking to purchase American made goods, you can contribute to lowering the U.S trade deficit.

Promote Domestic Jobs

Purchasing American goods is a crucial factor to promote domestic jobs. Purchasing these products ensures that you are supporting businesses that are conducting operations in America. With more companies outsourcing labor overseas, it is crucial to support businesses that are not displacing or eliminating American workers. Purchasing goods produced domestically, you can save existing jobs and create new domestic opportunities.

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