How To Buy Wholesale Retail Bags That Enhance Your Business

Retail or shopping bags are an important tool for any small retail business. Every business needs a practical way for its customers to carry purchases home. However, a well thought out bag can be so much more. It can enhance a brand or serve as free advertising for a store. A poorly designed one can inconvenience customers, or even risk state fines. Therefore, it’s important for the owner of a retail business to consider buying their retail bags from a wholesaler very carefully. Therefore, retail business owners should carefully buy wholesale retails bags. Below are factors that you should consider before you buy wholesale retail bags.

State Regulations

Before making any decisions, you should do some research about what sort of bags you’re permitted to offer. Across the country and the world, governments have radically different laws governing use of retail bags. In California, for example, single use plastic bags are banned outright, and retailers must charge for certain paper ones. These laws are meant to reduce the environmental impact of disposable bags. You can be fined and other legal action for using the wrong bag in the wrong place. As a result, make sure what bags you pick are legal in your location.

Size And Material

Make sure the bags you order are both practical and on brand. Wholesale companies can offer bags in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials. Consider the size of your products. The bags you select should effectively hold the customer’s purchases without being unwieldy. Also, make sure the material is on brand for your company. If your company sells brewery supplies, you won’t want to use a delicate paper bag with a designer pattern. Such forethought will ensure that the bags you order will perfectly match your business’ style and needs.

The Wholesaler

When looking through the various options for a shopping bag wholesaler, look at more criteria then low price. Low price is important, but other things about the wholesaler may cost your business even more money. Make sure to determine how fast they can turn around orders. Retail bags are not something you can afford to be without. If you have to make an emergency reorder, make sure they can fill it in time. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more for an emergency alternative. The quality of the bags is also very important. Customers will blame you if the bag disintegrates before they can get it home. You’re starting a long business relationship with this wholesaler, make sure they can keep up your standards now and in the future.


You should consider whether or not to customize your bags with a logo. Many brands of the world will use retail bags to market their brand identity. With new hot-stamp methods it is possible for even very small retailers to afford customized bags. A customized bag can help reinforce your brand in the mind of the customer. It can also serve as a moving ad for your store. However, hot-stamping can lengthen production time. Stores without defined logos also might find the process unneeded. Customization can be a nice touch of big business branding for your small business.

Reusable Bags

An interesting innovation to consider is reusable bags. These wholesale retail bags, usually made of robust cloth or plastic, can provide the customer with years of service. These bags can encourage repeat business, since the logo is there to jog the customers memory months later. If your company advertises itself as eco-friendly, reusable bags can help win customer loyalty. Customers worried that single use bags are hurting the environment will applaud your effort to replace them. Depending on your store, it could be very good to become a paperless business and go green.

When buying wholesale retail bags, it’s important to tailor the bags and wholesaler to your needs. To do this, make sure to consider these five factors in the decision. Look at local laws that might affect what bags you can offer. Consider what size and material would most compliment your business. In picking a wholesaler find the best one, not the cheapest. Consider whether your bags should be customized for your company. See if you’re company can make use of reusable bags. With these factors examined, your company can make sure the bags you wholesale are the ones you need.

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