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If you are a business owner, you will find many uses for cardboard boxes, just as you would for business shelving. However, you may experience a bit of sticker shock when you head to your nearest retailer. Finding a wholesaler for cardboard boxes is not that difficult though. Here we list the best places to find cardboard boxes wholesale to lower costs without affecting the quality of your business shipments or packaging.

Shipping Box Wholesale

Business owners in need of corrugated boxes should consider buying from a website like Shipping Box Wholesale. This site has over 1,1000 cardboard boxes in stock. In addition, they offer corrugated mailers, chipboard cartons and pads, corrugated sheets, honeycomb sheets and much more. You can search the easy to navigate website for packaging and industrial tape too, as well as shrink stretch and strapping, mailing bags and envelops and other shipping supplies. The site is currently offering 10% off your first order, so now is the time to buy.

Paper Mart

Paper Mart is another excellent corrugated boxes wholesaler that offers much more than just that. In addition to shipping boxes, you can find gift boxes, food boxes, packaging boxes, gift wrap, ribbon, tissue and much more. If you own a florist shop, bakery or craft store, this site offers the perfect solution to your procurement issues. Choose from custom print packaging, heavy duty corrugated boxes and a variety of packaging supplies to personalize your customers’ shopping experience at wholesale prices.


MRBOXonline is a wholesale distributor that offers the benefit of same-day shipping for orders placed before 3pm EST. If you have a last minute need for shipment packaging, this is the site to visit. Shop from a selection of hundreds of sizes of corrugated boxes and even custom and specialty packaging offerings. You can even pick up your order at their factory if you are really in a rush (and live in the Florida area). If you need cardboard boxes fast, MRBOXonline is the place to shop.

The Packaging Wholesalers

The Packaging Wholesalers definitely live up to their name. You can find the answers to all your shipping and packaging needs for industrial buying. If you need file storage boxes, bulk cargo containers, layer pads and sheets or even insulated shippers and cold packs, this site has it all. In addition, the company sells edge protection, strapping guards, protective wraps and stuffing papers. You can guarantee a flawless shipment every time shopping at The Packaging Wholesalers. Visit their website if your business ships food products or you just appreciate a nicely designed, user-friendly website.

Cardboard boxes and other shipping room supplies are an integral part of any business that ships products domestically or internationally. However, it is not realistic to head down to the nearest office supply store every time someone places an order, and it certainly is not cost effective. If you want to save money on corrugated boxes, shop at one of the providers of wholesale cardboard boxes mentioned above to cut costs and still guarantee a safe, secure shipment for every customer.

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