How The Casino Industry Innovates Like Major Tech Companies

Gambling has always had an allure. Ancient civilizations figured out a way to gamble even before basic technology was ever invented. They created lotto in early China and Persia, where poker was invented. Today, technology and gambling go hand in hand. There is no talk about gambling without technology. With every gambler having some form of technology in their pocket, the gambling industry must learn a thing or two from major tech companies. Tech industry leaders have already amassed trillions of dollars in profits from offering their clients exactly what they need.

Technology and business continuously evolve alongside one another. There are many examples that make it quite obvious that the gambling industry has learned the secrets of tech companies. We look at the following examples in more detail:

  • Mobile gaming
  • VR adaption
  • Online community
  • Tighter security
  • Cryptocurrency

Mobile Gaming

Many people still prefer going the old style that entails queuing at a casino and the feel of cards and dice in their hands. There is larger group, however, that would rather play from home, the office, or wherever they are. Thanks to the internet, gambling software providers have created mobile apps that make it no longer necessary to incur the costs of drinks and traveling whenever you want a low-key game.

Moreover, it is now possible to integrate social media into iOS and casino Android apps to make UX more seamless. There are thousands of gambling apps available from Google Play and Appstore which makes choosing where to play on the go as simple as a few clicks. Mobile gambling is a massive industry and is growing every day.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

AR/VR is widespread in online businesses. It provides customers with a more realistic and concrete view of what they are buying online. The technology is also used to make video games more immersive and entertaining. It has been used in the online gambling industry to provide players with a more immersive gaming experience. Hundreds of devices from reputed companies exist to give gamers headsets that offer a real-life casino setting. The 3D crisp graphics and vibrant sounds are what make AR/VR gaming worth it. The virtual reality business continues to impact the casino industry.

Online Gambling Community

The biggest reason why some gamblers avoid gambling online is the lack of a social component. Gambling to them is more enjoyable when surrounded by a group of people laughing and celebrating wins together. Online gambling has now made it possible to simulate this experience. Businesses created platforms where you can share your gambling experience with friends and other people from all over the world. This comes in the form of chat rooms, platforms, social media channels, live gaming rooms and more.

Increased Consumer Protection

Cybercrime is a real threat to any tech company. Today, hackers target all companies, regardless of size. Such criminals would target companies’ clientele files and other sensitive information. As technology has become more advanced, cheating methods have also become more sophisticated.

Thus, the gambling industry, just like tech companies, has taken additional steps to ensure that players are safe from hacker activity, fraud, and identity exposure. Such steps include the use of SSL certificates and player account scrutiny. Modern slot machines have also adopted the use of Random Number generators. These generators are secure and completely random to ensure that players are safe and the house edge is kept fair. AI has also been used to detect suspicious player activity and notify the Casino operations manager or security.

Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain has been applied in several areas since its inception. Companies use it for tracking sales through distribution chains, making online payments, and online gambling. As mentioned earlier, cybercrime is the kind of threat that needs security as robust as that offered by Blockchain. Apart from security, cryptocurrency transfers are way more seamless and faster as there are no middlemen, is more transparent, and less fraud-prone. Learn the best cryptocurrency to buy so you can make the most of your online gaming experience.

Gambling has changed drastically in the last ten years. The industry offers consumers mobile gaming applications. Casino businesses also use augmented and virtual reality to create realistic views. Moreover, the online gambling community continues to grow thanks to technology. Hackers attack both casino and tech companies. Hence, both need to implement the latest security solutions. Finally, online gaming uses blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With increased innovation in technology, more changes will be seen that will bring the player a better, more exciting gaming experience.

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