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How To Reorganize Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

There are several steps to reorganizing under chapter 11 bankruptcy. In fact, many debtors provide themselves the time needed to restructure business assets by continuing operations under chapter 11. Since chapter 11 prevents creditors from acting for a period, affected businesses have time to reorganize by liquidating assets, downsizing, or deciding if bankruptcy is right for you. As a financial ... Read More »

5 Criteria that Impact your Annuity Withdrawal Calculator Estimates

There are several criteria that impact your annuity withdrawal calculator estimates. Calculating annuity payments and withdrawals is often complex, since insurance providers set the rates and contract terms. To get the most accurate estimates, annuitants need to understand the type of annuity that best fits their need and its average rates. As a financial professional, consider additional variables such as ... Read More »

5 CECL Regulations Reporting Requirements For Businesses

In 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board drafted new Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) reporting methods to reflect the needs of the market. For many businesses, these new standards dramatically increased the amount of detail involved in credit loss reporting. The increase in detail will likely lead to a more accurate understanding of the company’s financial situation. Finance managers and ... Read More »

5 Common Life Insurance Payout Options For Financial Protection

There are many common life insurance payout options for financial protection. These options typically refer to the methods in which the policies are paid out. Choosing these options often allows the beneficiaries to pay off significant expenses, such as funerals. As a financial professional, you should learn some alternative life insurance payout options that replace the deceased’s income and help ... Read More »

How To Manage Your Finances With A Bad Credit Score

There are several important steps to manage finances with a bad credit score. Importantly, your credit score is one of the most important measures for your financial health. Often, lenders evaluate it to see how responsibly you use credit. Additionally, if you have a higher credit score, it can be much easier to get approved for new lines of credit. ... Read More »

5 Best Options For Financing A Business Purchase

There are many financing options for business purchases. The capital needed to launch, maintain, and grow new businesses comes from a variety of sources, such as small business loans from various financial institutions. Due to this variety in financial sources, many entrepreneurs evaluate their options to determine the best fit for their specific needs and businesses. As an entrepreneur yourself, ... Read More »

How To Set Up A Business Bank Accounts With No Fees

There are many great types of business bank accounts with no fees. All businesses need bank accounts for making deposits, paying bills, budgeting, and other various financial management processes. In fact, many CFOs split their business and personal expenses with business checking accounts. This way, they better prepare for tax season and establish their business’s finances more credibly. As a ... Read More »

A Guide To Types Of Bank Accounts You Can Open In Singapore

An essential part of having good money sense in Singapore lies in opening the right type of bank account. With your own bank account, you can either build your savings, spend for your daily needs without obstruction, or manage different currencies. A bank account is a must-have for Singaporean citizens and long-time residents of the country, but you can also ... Read More »

How To Use Quickbooks Asset Tracking Software For Business Finances

Using Quickbooks’ asset tracking software can help make business financial systems more efficient to use. Compared to automated systems, manual asset tracking takes longer ad has a higher chance of errors. The fluctuating nature of asset pricing and related variables also means many man hours must be spent keeping the tracking system up to date. Finance managers looking to streamline ... Read More »

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