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5 Best Mortgage Loans Without PMI For Homeowners

Many banks and lenders require private mortgage insurance (PMI) for conventional mortgage loans. PMI protects the bank or financial institution if you as a borrower cannot repay the loan. You may be worried because loans with PMI end up costing you more money in the long run. For this reason, first time home buyers and experienced home buyers alike look ... Read More »

How To Write A Promissory Note For A Personal Loan

Sometimes referred to as a note payable, a promissory note is a legal document in which one party promises payment to another. As a lender giving a personal loan to a friend or family member, consider drafting a promissory note to lay out the terms for the borrower. As long as you have the right information in the document, you will not ... Read More »

How To Stay Disciplined When It Comes To Your Money

Adults struggle with financial problems for a variety of reasons. Some may have agreed to poor student loan rates while others abuse their credit cards on a daily basis. One thing that all of these adults have in common is that they can reduce their struggles by staying financially disciplined. As a professional trying to improve your current financial state, ... Read More »

5 Best Secured Business Loans For Your Startup

Most businesses just starting up need to take advantage of secured business loans in order to begin or expand operations. Some start by searching for easy business loans while others have no idea where to begin. As a startup owner, it is important that you know your options when exploring secured business loans for your company. Even if you have a ... Read More »

How To Decide If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious matter. Thousands of individuals choose bankruptcy as an affordable debt relief option each year. However, many do not understand what does bankruptcy do or whether or not it is right for them. As a professional struggling financially, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. Before doing so, you need to decide if it is ... Read More »

5 Bank Prepaid Cards Features To Better Manage Your Finances

Prepaid bank cards can be an incredibly useful tool for small business owners. This is particularly true for those owners just starting out with a new business venture. Bank prepaid cards can make it easier to manage business finances and all other areas of operations. Still, many business owners are unaware of these significant advantages. Learn how using bank prepaid ... Read More »

5 Types Of Savings Account Apps Features Manage Your Money

The rise in internet banking has provided a wealth of financial tools for consumer use. Savings apps, in particular, are one of the most helpful and popular online finance tools helping people improve their financial health. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur however, these finance apps can be put to even better use. They can provide you an easy way ... Read More »

7 Sharp Financial Matters To Consider Before Filing For Divorce

When all hopes for reconciliation have been exhausted in a marriage, the partners are only left with one option: to get a divorce. Unfortunately, divorces put both emotional and financial burdens on families. If you own a business, you may want to protect your business through the divorce process. We understand that doing so will lead to an inexplicable emotional ... Read More »

5 Factoring And Receivables Financing Differences To Consider

While many businesses use accounts receivables financing as an alternative lending option to traditional bank loans, many others use factoring. With this being said, newer business owners looking to obtain working capital quickly struggle to determine which option is best. As a business owner in this situation, there are multiple factors that you need to consider in order to make ... Read More »

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