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5 Best Accounting Software Options For Small Businesses

There are many great accounting software options for small businesses. In fact, several of these options provide an expansive variety of features. They are simple to use and allow small business owners more financial control. As a small business financial professional, you should improve account management simplicity and efficiency with some of the best accounting software options. In this post, ... Read More »

How To Run Small Business Credit Checks For Free

Small and large companies are eligible for free business credit checks. These reports reveal how well a company handles its financial obligations to various partners. With this information, many businesses strengthen their credit. Since lenders base their decisions on data in these reports, stronger credit provides businesses better lines of credit, loans, and interest rates. As a small business financial ... Read More »

A Quick Guide To Peer-To-Peer Lending Opportunities

At some point, you may need funding for an emergency, business venture or vacation. You may want to consider applying for peer-to-peer lending opportunities. What Is Peer-To-Peer Lending? Peer-to-peer or P2P lending is a special lending opportunity for individuals and small businesses who would not normally qualify for loans from a traditional lender. P2P lenders are private investors, businesses, friends ... Read More »

How To Secure Crucial Small Business Capital To Keep Running

There are many critical small business capital lending options. Ensuring access to important funds and capital is crucial for small businesses. Fortunately, there is a variety of lending and financing options available for getting small businesses up and running. In fact, many business owners evaluate various lenders based on loan types, rates, typical business loan terms, and requirements. As a ... Read More »

How To Run A Personal Credit Report For Free

Running a credit report for free provides necessary information for securing loans and other financial vehicles. In fact, US individuals are entitled to one free comprehensive credit report every year. These credit reports provide the various financial information used by lenders to evaluate individuals’ creditworthiness. For example, credit determines the cheapest auto loans available to lessees. Typically, they include credit ... Read More »

It’s Time To Update Your Bank’s Customer Insight Roadmap

All banks have some iteration of what’s called a customer insight roadmap at their disposal. The customer insight roadmap acts as a blueprint for the bank’s strategy of acquiring and retaining customers. Your bank may have particular goals for customer acquisition and retention for a certain period of time, as well as methods for meeting these goals. Overall, the roadmap ... Read More »

How To Get Mortgage Loan Pre Approval Online

There are several steps to getting mortgage loan pre approval online. These are documents indicating the types and amounts of loans their holders qualify for. Many home buyers seek mortgage pre approvals to demonstrate their home shopping means. Additionally, they display the buyer’s determination and intent to buy a home. As a financial professional, you should seek mortgage pre approval ... Read More »

5 Ways The Best 15 Year Refinance Calculator Saves Money

There are several ways the best 15 year refinance calculators save money. These calculators display the cost-efficiency of prospective mortgage rates or terms and their fit for homeowners’ unique needs. In fact, many homeowners determine which factors hold the most weight in their refinancing decisions using personalized mortgage analysis offered by these tools. As a financial professional, save significant amounts ... Read More »

How Your Personal Finances Affect Your Ability To Get Hired

Your credit history follows you everywhere you go. A healthy financial picture is important not only if you want to buy a house or car, but for other things, you would consider unrelated. Your auto coverage and your ability to rent an apartment can be impacted by negative marks or a lack of repayment history. One area you may not ... Read More »

How To Reorganize Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

There are several steps to reorganizing under chapter 11 bankruptcy. In fact, many debtors provide themselves the time needed to restructure business assets by continuing operations under chapter 11. Since chapter 11 prevents creditors from acting for a period, affected businesses have time to reorganize by liquidating assets, downsizing, or deciding if bankruptcy is right for you. As a financial ... Read More »

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