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Smart Bank Features Make Banking Much Easier For Business Clients

Smart Bank is a bank that was founded in 2006 and opened its first office in January of 2007. Since that time, twelve Smart Bank locations have been established along East Tennessee and Northwest Florida. This bank is dedicated to providing exceptional services to their clients, who include both personal and business users. Business users in particular could receive a ... Read More »

The Role Of Venture Partners In Hierarchies Of Venture Capital Firms

Venture partners are professionals brought into a venture capital firm to help assist with management and investments but are not employed full-time. However, venture partners can have a significant impact on the operation of a VC firm and the businesses they sponsor. Venture partnership positions are complex parts of the already complex system of investors that exist in VC firms. ... Read More »

Sending Money Overseas Improves American Economic Performance

Immigrants from around the world make their way to the United States in hopes of a better life. Instead of moving their entire families, they often come alone and send money back home overseas. This practice, known as remittances, actually boosts the world economy along with the American one. Without the constant exchange of labor and money throughout the world, ... Read More »

Straight Line Depreciation Formula Basics To Determine Asset Value

Memorizing formulas and methods is a common practice for finance students. One of the simplest and most important formulas you can memorize is the straight line depreciation formula. If you want to further your education by pursuing executive MBA programs later on in life, you are going to need this basic knowledge. Below, you will find a complete breakdown of ... Read More »

What Venture Capital Firms Offer Start Ups With Long-Term Potential

Venture capital is financing that investors provide to start-up companies and small businesses that they believe have long-term potential. If the business succeeds, they profit from their investment. Often, they will remain as an investor for a period of a few years before exiting the company and moving on to other projects. If the business fails, then venture capitalists have ... Read More »

How Bank Reconciliation Statements Provide Maximum Financial Security

Bank reconciliation is a process performed by a company to ensure that their financial records are correct and match up with the bank’s records. For many new and small business owners handling their first credit card finances on their own, a project like this could seem daunting. However, there are numerous benefits to completing this financial task. Below we have ... Read More »

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