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Hard Money Lender Solutions Offer Easier Access To Business Funding

Hard money lenders are often given a bad reputation in the public sphere. This is particularly true for business owners, who often hear nothing but negatives about these alternative finance sources. But, financing business with hard money loans can still be a viable option for some business owners to consider if they have already maxed out their credit car limit. ... Read More »

How New PayPal Cashback Program Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Business

PayPal is a financial services company that nearly everyone knows. But recently, the company made some new moves that no one was expecting. The PayPal cashback program was announced a couple months back, but it is only just now that business owners are learning about what the program is an how it can benefit your business. If you are interested ... Read More »

How To Secure Commercial Lending From Major Financial Institutions

Commercial lending solutions are notoriously difficult to obtain, particularly for small business ventures. But if you know what bankers are considering when you apply for business loans, you have a much better chance at getting the business funding you need. If you are a small business owner who is hoping to secure startup financing from big commercial lending institutions, keep ... Read More »

5 Personal Finance Management Strategies That Impact Business

When you are a business owner, properly managing business finances is second nature. Personal finance management may not come quite as easily for some of you. But, poor personal financial decisions can cause serious ramifications for business if you continue on this path. Thankfully, there are a few personal finance management strategies that can help you get your money in ... Read More »

Get Financial Help To Keep Your Struggling Small Business Afloat

Most people need financial help at some point in their lives. The same can be said for business owners too. Unfortunately, finding financial assistance for struggling businesses is not quite as easy as refinancing student loans. If you own a struggling business, you know what a difficult time it can be. This is especially true if you do not have ... Read More »

5 UK Fintech Industry Trends That Present High Potential Opportunity

Business is booming in the fintech sector worldwide, but nowhere more than the UK. UK fintech week could be a possible reason for the explosion of fintech firms. Many entrepreneurial developers are clamoring to take advantage of all the possible fintech business opportunities that are out there. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, there are quite a number of ... Read More »

How To Create Financial Reports That Stakeholders Find Value In

Finances are complicated, particularly when you are talking about business finances. Unlike business finance, you do not have to create financial reports for personal finance management. Producing financial reports that are valuable to investors, partners and other interested parties is no simple task. Thankfully, once you know how to create a financial report, you can easily replicate the process year ... Read More »

7 Common Cash Flow Problems And How To Solve Them

Your business can’t operate without cash – except when it must. Most businesses, especially in their early years, endure cash flow troubles, but the best business leaders know how to react when poor cash flow threatens their young enterprises. If you suspect your business might be suffering from issues related to cash flow, you should review the following guide to ... Read More »

How Online Bookkeeping Services Help Small Business Scale For Growth

Contrary to popular belief, not all business owners have innate finance management skills. In fact, this is probably one of the most common struggles of business ownership for many women and men. Online bookkeeping services have, thankfully, made this issue a thing of the past. Find out how online bookkeeping will positively impact your small business below. Access To Data ... Read More »

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