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Understanding Venture Partners Diversified Roles In Venture Capital Firms


Venture partners are professionals brought into a venture capital firm to help assist with management and investments but are not employed full-time. However, venture partners can have a significant impact on the operation of a VC firm and the businesses they sponsor. Venture partnership positions are complex parts of the already complex system of investors that exist in VC firms. ... Read More »

How To Save On Credit Card Processing Fees And Free Up Money


Running a business these days is no easy task. Not only are you responsible for your customer’s satisfaction and ensuring that your brand is well established, but you are also responsible for various fees related to a sale. That’s right – even when you make a sale, you might end up paying a hefty service fee that really makes a ... Read More »

National Banks Offering Free Checking For Small Businesses


Starting a small business can be an expensive endeavor. One of the most important things you can do is find a bank that will help cater to your needs. Often, new business owners turn to online banks in order to get free checking, but the money saved can often cost you when it comes to convenience. There are several national ... Read More »

3 Ways Sending Money To Families Overseas Helps The Economy


Immigrants from around the world make their way to the United States in hopes of a better life. Instead of moving their entire families, they often come alone and send money back home overseas. This practice, known as remittances, actually boosts the world economy along with the American one. Without the constant exchange of labor and money throughout the world, ... Read More »

The Straight Line Depreciation Formula For Finance Students In Need


  Memorizing formulas and methods is a common practice for finance students. One of the simplest and most important formulas you can memorize is the straight line depreciation formula. If you want to further your education by pursuing executive MBA programs later on in life, you are going to need this basic knowledge. Below, you will find a complete breakdown ... Read More »

What Venture Capital Firms Can Do For Your Start Up Business Finances


Venture capital is financing that investors provide to start-up companies and small businesses that they believe have long-term potential. If the business succeeds, they profit from their investment. Often, they will remain as an investor for a period of a few years before exiting the company and moving on to other projects. If the business fails, then venture capitalists have ... Read More »

Should You Use Home Equity To Fund Your Business?


All businesses need a line of credit. Cash flow is king and unless you have positive cash flow running through the business, it won’t be long before you run out of money to pay creditors, employees, and required corporate taxes. Banks are the most obvious place to turn to when you need business lending or financing, but if your business ... Read More »

4 Popular Depreciation Methods Most Commonly Used In Business


Depreciation is the loss of value over time. Assets often lower in value over the years due to wear and tear. For the average individual, this is most commonly seen in cars and trucks. However, depreciation plays a major part in a lot of finances. Business owners in particular should pay close attention to depreciation because the loss of value ... Read More »

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