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What Accounting Software Trends To Watch In 2018

Small business software is famous for constantly being in flux as it adapts to meet the needs of an ever changing competitive landscape. In fact, in many ways, small business software parallels the small business landscape itself—fiercely competitive with a high level of failure that leaves many small business software solutions on the scrap heap. So how will small business ... Read More »

How To Find Lost Money Rightfully Owed To Your Accounts

If there is ever a chance that you lost money somewhere among the red tape of being a business owner or simply a tax-paying citizen, you need to find it. Get a money counting machine because that money is rightly yours. But, many people do not even realize that they are missing money. They do not know that the government ... Read More »

Smart Ways To Re-Assess Your Financial Affairs For Success

With 2018 beginning, many people are looking forward to getting out of the winter malaise and into Spring. Both figuratively and literally, as many people turn spring cleaning towards their finances. With up to 66% of Americans estimated to be financially illiterate to some extent, the challenge can be knowing exactly what it entails to sort your financial affairs; and there ... Read More »

Achieve An Excellent Credit Score With These Expert Financial Habits

Having an excellent credit score can benefit your personal finances, of course. But if you are also a business owner, it can impact your business’s financial health as well. Unfortunately, not all business owners innately know how to improve a credit score. Thankfully however, you do not need a finance degree to figure out how to improve your credit score. ... Read More »

5 Major Reasons Credit Card Consolidation Works

Credit card debt consolidation is a typical practice nowadays as it can certainly save an incredibly great deal of money over the life of the credit debt. This particular process requires converting all outstanding amounts from different high Annual percentage rates cards to credit lines. These have a much lower rate of interest. Or, they offer a credit card which ... Read More »

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