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How To Securely Use International Foreign Currency Exchange Services

There are several steps to securely use international foreign currency exchange services. Business owners are beginning to return to corporate travel following the end of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Before traveling internationally, they must know how to exchange foreign currencies without paying high fees. As a business owner yourself, you’ll want to understand the ins and outs of global currency ... Read More »

5 Best Amazon Prime Business Credit Card Rewards To Gain

There are several best Amazon Prime business credit card rewards to gain. With this card, companies can earn rewards on the first $120,000 they spend each year at the various Amazon affiliates. In addition, this card offers companies that chance to buy now and pay later. This gives businesses extra time to payoff their Amazon purchases, interest free. As a ... Read More »

Bridging Finance Activity Spikes By Almost 40% In 2021

Total bridging finance activity increased by almost 40% last year. Bridging Trends contributors collectively approved loans to the value of £626.7 million – up from the £455 million recorded the year prior, equating to a 38% increase. Third-quarter lending saw a particularly vigorous increase, coming out at a total of just over £190 million. This was as buyers scrambled to ... Read More »

5 Factors Impacting The Cost For Business Insurance Premiums

There are several factors impacting the cost for business insurance premiums. Many small businesses are required to purchase insurance policies, such as business casualty insurance, for protection. Of course, the cost each company spends on coverage usually varies depending on their needs. As a business owner, familiarize yourself with various factors that can affect the cost you’ll spend on insurance. ... Read More »

How To Establish Business Credit For New Business Entities

There are several steps to establish business credit for new business entities. Business credit verifies your organization’s ability to deal with income, purchases and debt. Strong credit is something built overtime. In fact, having good business credit can lower insurance premiums for companies. As a new business owner, you should understand how to establish strong credit for your company. Of ... Read More »

5 Business Expenses To Keep Your Operating Budget In Line

As a business owner, you have probably heard of the saying, “You must spend money to earn money.” It’s common sense since you need to invest to generate profits. However, did you know that you can also “spend money to save money?” The statement may sound like an oxymoron, but some business expenses can help you follow your budget more ... Read More »

What To Know Before Buying Tradelines For Business Credit

There is plenty to know before buying tradelines for business credit. To buy or rent a tradeline, businesses pay third-party companies to become authorized users on their credit accounts. Companies buy tradelines to establish or improve their credit scores. As a business owner, you should understand the requirements and risks associated with buying tradelines. In fact, paying to become an ... Read More »

5 Dangerous Small Business Loan Scams To Look Out For This Year

There are several dangerous small business scams to look out for this year. Scams in the form of phone calls, business emails, and checks are becoming fairly common amongst malicious fraudsters. Many of these scams target company owners that desperately need small business loans or financial support. These fraudulent scammers will try and seek personal identifiable information (PII) from small ... Read More »

What To Know About Litigation Funding For Business

Litigation financing or settlement funding refers to the process involved in allowing litigants to finance their legal costs using a third part company. The process involves providing money that defendants can use to address payment of legal fees. Usually, the clients who use this process face issues with financing their legal costs. Legal financing is also typical among plaintiffs, as ... Read More »

5 Steps To Follow When Applying For A Business Credit Card

There are several steps to follow when applying for a business credit card. For most small corporations, a business credit card can streamline finances. More so, these cards assist companies in building credit for their organization. Of course, if your business credit is bad, consider using a credit repair service. As a business owner, there are many requirements and necessities ... Read More »

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