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How To Manage An Accounts Payable System

Accounts payable systems can be managed in several steps. These systems facilitate business procedures, policies, and practices to manage trade credit transactions. Some of these practices include seeking lines of trade credit, favorable purchase terms or faster lending timeframes. For example, many SBA line of credit solutions finance projects. As a financial professional, you should develop an accounts payable management ... Read More »

How Americans Living Abroad Can Reduce Their US Tax Bill

Allyson Lindsey, CPA is a Partner at Bright!Tax expat tax services and a leading expert on US taxes for Americans living overseas. Think you don’t have to pay taxes or file with the IRS just because you’re an American citizen living abroad? Think again! Unfortunately, American citizens are always subject to US taxation on their worldwide income, regardless of where ... Read More »

How To Find The Best Direct Mortgage Lenders For Refinancing

To refinance a home, the best direct mortgage lenders have the tools and resources to process a new loan. Direct lenders differ from mortgage brokers as they provide the full range of services from underwriting to closing. Additionally, these financial institutions do not need any intermediaries to complete your deal. As a current homeowner, you should be calculating “how much ... Read More »

5 Common Life Insurance Payout Options For Financial Protection

There are many common life insurance payout options for financial protection. These options typically refer to the methods in which the policies are paid out. Choosing these options often allows the beneficiaries to pay off significant expenses, such as funerals. As a financial professional, you should learn some alternative life insurance payout options that replace the deceased’s income and help ... Read More »

The Financial Burden Of An ADA Lawsuit Noncompliance Case

Regardless of your industry, it’s important to run a business (both online and offline) that includes those with disabilities according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes making sure your website keeps contrast sensitivity in mind for those with vision impairments, being mindful of your videos for those with epilepsy, making your forms easy to fill out for ... Read More »

5 Types Of Home Insurance Policies Worth Paying For

Many types of home insurance policies provide several cost-effective coverages. These policies offer financial compensation should a covered event (perils) damage a home, property, or personal belongings. In fact, most home insurance policies reduce the costs of home repair, belonging replacement, and litigation significantly. As a financially-savvy homeowner, you can save money repairing your property, and replacing damaged belongings by ... Read More »

5 Factors Impacting Average Family Health Insurance Cost

There are several factors impacting average family health insurance cost. These family insurance prices have been steadily increasing in recent years. In fact, covered workers contribute an average of 29% of their family’s health insurance costs. As a financial professional, you should learn about some cost impacting factors to reduce insurance premiums significantly and the burden on the rest of ... Read More »

7 Types of Financing To Consider To Fund Your Business

Businesses may require funding for a variety of reasons. From dealing with financial difficulties and disrupted cash flow to expanding and growing your venture, there are numerous reasons to pursue financing options. However, the type of funding you choose to obtain can have a long-term impact on your future success. To ensure you’ve considered all of the options, take a ... Read More »

How Single Touch Payroll Reporting Impacts Small Businesses

There are many ways single touch payroll reporting impacts small businesses. Single touch payroll (STP) is a streamlined way for Australian business owners to report their superannuation and tax data to the Australian tax office (ATO). By changing the ways employee tax and super information is reported, STP significantly reduces reporting time and increases reporting accuracy. As a financial professional, ... Read More »

How To Compare Small Business Lenders For Online Financing

Small business lenders often provide funding for companies entirely online. In fact, under recent market conditions, online lenders are more popular than ever before. Many businesses utilize these lenders because they combine traditional and nontraditional metrics. These metrics include personal credit scores, cash flows, social media interactions, and online reviews. This way, online lenders provide small businesses faster and simpler ... Read More »

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