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5 Go-To Options For An Emergency Cash Injection

If you run a small business, you understand only too well the importance of keeping your finances under tight control. From keeping your personal finances separate to sticking to a concrete budget, there are plenty of ways to manage your money. However, you’ll also know that no matter how prepared you are, unexpected bills pop up at the most inopportune ... Read More »

5 Reasons An SBA Loan Program Can Fund Your Growth

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) provides multiple loan programs. The loans do not come from the SBA. Small business owners still receive loans from banks and other lenders. The SBA guarantees some of the loaned money back to those lenders if the small business owner is unable to repay it. As a small business owner, applying for an ... Read More »

You Should Start A College Fund Because It’s Never Too Late

Starting a college fund for your child is so important. However, sometimes it’s easier said that done. Life’s circumstances often get in the way. Between medical emergencies, bills, and shifts in household incomes, you might have had some financial issues in the past. You may not have started a college fund for your child. As a parent, this can be ... Read More »

How To Manage The Cost Of Christmas With Financing Options

With Christmas only 2 months away, many are starting to get their plans in place. Whether it’s the purchasing of Christmas decorations or presents for family and friends, Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry for retail business while other business owners experience a Christmas downturn. The cost of Christmas leaves many ... Read More »

A Simple Guide On 2% Cash Back Cards You Must Read

As a credit card holder, picking the right credit card can have a huge impact on your personal and business finances. 2% cash back credit cards can help reduce your spending and put some money back in your pocket. 2% cash back cards work by giving you 2% of your spendings back in cash, 1% when you make your purchase ... Read More »

Is A Reverse Mortgage The Right Choice For You?

Depending on who you ask, a reverse mortgage is either an expensive loan that ultimately costs you or a great way to help fund your retirement. If the loan allows you to maintain your lifestyle without blowing through your savings, it could be a financially sound decision. A reverse mortgage is typically viewed as the last major loan you’ll need in ... Read More »

How Buying Diamonds Online Can Save Money On High Quality

Everything is available for purchase on the internet: food, toys, electronics, and even diamonds. Buying diamonds can be stressful. You’re trying to find that perfect stone for that special someone. But, the market is huge. Whether you’re getting a present for a friend or family member, or you’re getting that forever ring, there’s a suitable stone for you. Here are ... Read More »

7 Money Management Tips For Your Small Business

For small businesses, money is often tight. Knowing how to properly manage your cash flow will allow you to increase your chances of experiencing long-term, sustainable success. Most people think about money management in terms of personal finance, but it’s equally important in running a successful small business. As you seek to put your business on the right track, here ... Read More »

How To Claim Bankruptcy And Keep Your House & Financial Future Secure

Today, the majority of bankruptcy filings are those of consumers, not businesses. Those consumers typically file bankruptcy due to unexpected financial difficulties, such as job loss and illness. These people are not always lucky enough to have a workplace pension they can tap into early in such extreme cases. Especially when you are already in a dark place, filing for ... Read More »

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