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5 Virtual Temporary CFO Services To Stabilize Financial Health

An outsourced temporary CFO provides many services to stabilize financial health. During the COVID-19 crisis, in particular, your business may be in need of expert economic assistance. An outside professional can provide a well-trained eye on your cash flow, key performance indicators, and overall profit. As a business owner, you can hire a virtual chief financial officer (CFO) to get ... Read More »

How To Accept ACH Payments On Your Small Business Website

There are several steps for accepting ACH payments on your small business website. Once you have started accepting electronic credit card payments and debit options, you need to know how to accept ACH payments. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing services allow your business to accept electronic check payments. As a financial professional, you can provide more flexible payment options ... Read More »

What Do Bookkeepers Do For Small Business To Handle Finances?

In a business, it is essential for financial data to be current and accurate. This way, you can maintain a healthy cash flow and make good company decisions. However, as your business grows and you take on more customers, clients, vendors, and employees, keeping track of your money can get complex and time-consuming. When the accounting tasks are too much ... Read More »

5 Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Programs Available During COVID-19

It can be pressing to find student loan debt relief, especially if you have lost your job or are earning less income due to the coronavirus. Fortunately, it’s easier to get payment relief for student loan debt right now, regardless of what type of loan you have. For example, if qualifying individuals borrowed loans from the U.S. Department of Education, ... Read More »

What You Should Know Before Borrowing Money

If you’ve ever used a line of credit, taken out student loans, or paid your mortgage, then borrowing money is a familiar way to go about your finances. It’s the same for most adults living in America today. The country owes a collective $13.86 trillion in consumer debt, which includes credit cards and secure mortgage loans. According to, the ... Read More »

How To Transfer Credit Card Debt For A Lower Interest Rate

Moving your outstanding credit card debt from one card to another can significantly lower your promotional interest rate. As an individual looking to save money, you can use a balance transfer to move high-interest credit card debt to a card with a lower rate. Typically, balance credit cards come with an 18-month interest free introductory period. However, you need to ... Read More »

5 Tax Advisor Online Resources For Affordable Financial Advice

There are several tax advisor online resources for affordable financial advice. According to studies, approximately one third of individuals hire financial advisors to assist with filing tax returns. However, COVID-19 could change the way that people meet with their tax advisors in the future. Increasingly, business owners and other individuals may need to meet with their tax advisors online or ... Read More »

The Significance Of Credit Appraisal In Home Loan Process

A home is the symbol of ultimate financial prosperity and peace. While many of us aren’t financially prepared for buying a house in one go, we apply for home loan to realize the dream. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. Many home loan buyers don’t completely understand the essence of a housing loan process. However, thoroughly understanding this ... Read More »

5 Financial Considerations For Small Business Automobile Leasing

There are several important considerations for small business automobile leasing. At large, choosing whether to lease or buy a vehicle for your company boils down to priorities. For some small business owners, leasing or buying is purely dependent on costs. On the other hand, other small business owners factor in emotional connection, lease length, or resale concerns. It’s also important ... Read More »

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