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Expert Nasdaq Exchange Strategies To Get Beginner Traders Started

The Nasdaq Stock Market is the second largest stock exchange in the world. It lists over 3000 companies across the globe. The Nasdaq Exchange serves as the benchmark for all U.S. technology stocks like Intuit stock. Its computerized systems serve as a model of convenience, allowing for transparency and speedy transactions. As a stock trader, you may be drawn to ... Read More »

Top Clean Energy ETF Options For Ethical Investors To Earn Huge ROI

A group of seven developed nations recently gathered to discuss reductions in fossil fuel consumption. The United States, Germany, France, The U.K., Italy and Japan were all in favor of making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70%. This has paved the way for clean energy ETFs to start a positive trend upwards. Their value can only increase from ... Read More »

Oracle Corp. Offers Top Tech Sector Investment Option For Coming Year

Oracle Corp is a multinational tech company that specializes in data management and cloud computing. While they remain one of the largest information technology companies in the U.S., their recent stock valuations have not been so positive. Shares of Oracle fell over 15% in 2015, due to mediocre earnings. However, recent developments might make them a great investment in 2016. ... Read More »

How Prime Broker Job Duties Serve Hedge Fund Managers Needs

Prime broker is a term used to describe services provided to hedge funds by investment banks. If a hedge fund is in need of money to buy stocks and bonds, prime brokers come in and provide the necessary capital. They also serve as intermediaries between hedge funds and other institutional investors like pension funds or mutual funds. In general, they ... Read More »

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