Top 5 Guaranteed Return Investments To Earn Interest Income Now

Investing is risky. But, that does not mean you have to risk it all to have a chance at making money. It is wise to invest cautiously if you have limited capital to invest. Low-risk investments will allow you to earn guaranteed returns on the stock market. That way, you can reinvest gains to make even more money. If you are a beginner investor looking for guaranteed return investments, consider the top safest investment opportunities in the post below.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities are one of the best low risk investments for beginner investors to grow money without worrying about taxes. Fixed annuities are one of the types of annuities that are considered tax-deferred investments. What is even better is that your contributions to these types of investments are practically limitless. That allows you to continue contributing to a fixed annuity account in order to grow investment profits. These are some of the most popular low-risk investments for retirees and beginner investors like yourself.


Savings bonds are one of the best guaranteed return investments to help you steadily grow your money. These types of investments have a longer maturation phase than traditional stock market holdings. Some types of savings bonds can earn interest for as long as thirty years. But, savings bonds also typically offer fixed interest rates for the duration of terms. So, you should only consider including these low risk investments in your portfolio to help you achieve long-term investing goals.

Preferred Stock

Preferred stock holdings are a low risk, high yield investment opportunity that can help round out a beginner’s investment portfolio. Preferred stock pays dividends to shareholders, which puts extra money in your pocket right away. This is a useful investment option for those investors looking to make money off the stock market right now. Preferred stock options are also highly liquid investments, which is perfect for a beginner investor with limited capital. These features make preferred stocks one of the best investments for guaranteed returns.

Savings Accounts

Consider putting money into a high interest savings account to earn additional interest income. There are many online banks that offer much higher interest rates than can typically be found offered by savings accounts. Beginner investors can even find online savings account interest rates of 3% or more, which can even beat out some of the best brokerage accounts. These high yield savings accounts provide beginner investors the best guaranteed return investments to grow their money before learning how to play the stock market.

Money Market Funds

Money market funds are one of the lowest risk investments a beginner investor can take advantage of. Money market funds are really just extremely low-risk mutual funds comprised mainly of short-term investments. Money market fund investments can offer interest rates as high as 4%. Currently however, most money market investments earn about 1.5%. These guaranteed investments will definitely provide modest returns to all investors.

All investors want to make money. But, beginner investors often have limited investment capital, which means making money is not optional. It is critical in order for you to be able to continue investing savings. That is why you should consider investing in the guaranteed investment opportunities detailed above. These low risk investments – fixed annuities, savings bonds, preferred stocks, savings accounts and money market funds – will put your money to work so you can start making money as an investor. Then, you can continue to grow your money by reinvesting stock market profits with a portfolio full of the low risk investment opportunities above and other high risk, high yield investments.

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