5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Employees On A Budget

There are a ton of best Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget. Christmas is a time of togetherness, joy and love. Most employees work hard all year and deserve a gift that thanks them for their efforts. As a business owner, get your employees a gift that makes them feel important while not breaking the bank. Of course, you may have a specific budget for each team member or gift this season. Christmas gifts can also increase the positive attitude of your employees. Here are the top Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget.

Wine Set

An extremely popular Christmas gift for employees is a wine set. There are online sites that can help you create a wine gift set. Gift sets are more personable than just a bottle of wine. Choose which wine each employee would want, red or white. Of course, you can pick from a specific wine franchise. Include a set of wine glasses and a chocolate bar that pairs with the wine. Then, arrange the set on a board and wrap it in cellophane. Typically, most liquor stores give a discount when you purchase 6 or more bottles. Additionally, wine glasses can cost as little as $.75 and candy bars can be bought in bulk. Of course, wine sets are a popular budgeted Christmas gift idea for employees.

Desktop Vacuum

Next, buy a desktop vacuum as a Christmas gift for employees this year. Whether at home or in office, everyone enjoys a clean work space. Give your employees simple desktop vacuums to increase work motivation. These vacuums free desktops of dust, debris and hair. Additionally, they are tiny and discrete, being able to hide in a drawer or on desks. Furthermore, decide the $12 cleaning machine’s color and how it will be charged. It can be white, orange, blue, yellow or green. It can also be battery operated, USB powered or wirelessly charged. Certainly, give your employees a desktop vacuum as a Christmas gift.

Candle Gift Set

Of course, another popular Christmas gift idea for your employees are candle gift sets. There are several online candle gift set sites. Typically, these sets come with multiple mini aromatic and scented candles. The candles come in decorated holders which can be reused with other candles. Additionally, you can add bath oil or soap. In fact, you can pair other gifts to be used while their new candles are burning. Extra gifts include chocolate, tea bags or a stuffed animal. These candle sets cost less than $20 and can provide your employees with a tranquil relaxing Christmas evening.

Personalized Mugs

Certainly, personalized mugs are a top Christmas gift idea for your employees. Get your employees personalized mugs that show they are appreciated. For example, purchase a mug with a picture of you and your employee or a mug with an inside joke inscribed in it. Of course, add their name so if they keep it in the office, mugs can’t get confused. Make the gift even more special by adding a mug warmer device. Include drink mixes such as hot chocolate, marshmallows and candy canes. Custom mugs can cost as little as $2.00 and a mug warmer can cost as little as $1.00. Definitely a top Christmas gift idea for your employees are personalized mugs.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Finally, noise cancelling headphones are a popular Christmas gift idea for your employees. Constant noise at work or at home can be very distracting, which is why many prefer to wear headphones. Whether it be listening to music, a podcast or watching a video, your employees will love this gift. These earbuds isolate noise and increase bass-driven sound. This allows your workers to hear calls clearer, communicate better and focus more on the work at hand. Pay as little as $15 per set and give your employee a gift that works for every occasion. This gift can be used for work, exercise and entertainment. Certainly, noise cancelling headphones are a popular Christmas gift idea for your employees.

There are top Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget. First, get your employees a wine set to let them enjoy their Christmas break. Next, give them a desktop vacuum so they can keep their workplace clean. Additionally, gift your employees a candle set for a relaxing winter night. Of course, personalized mugs allow your employees to enjoy their favorite drinks. In fact, the added mug warmer will keep their drinks warm for a longer period. Finally, give your employees noise cancelling headphones to focus better on work, physical activities or entertainment. These are several best Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget.

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