6 Smart Benefits Of Cloud Faxing vs On-Premise Faxing Services

The cloud has really changed the way that companies do business. If you work with a cloud provider, they can change the way your business operates. It has made the world more accessible and given businesses more reliability as well. As most people already know, the conventional fax went out of date as email became more popular. It used to be clunky, difficult to manage, and also quite problematic with many people reporting that they never received their faxes in the first place. Compared to on-premise faxing, one of the best options available to business owners is to opt for cloud fax service. Here are the major benefits that it offers when compared with on-premise faxing.

No Hardware Maintenance

Remember those old fax machines that were used at one point in time? You don’t need to worry about those any more. Previously, you had to track when to upgrade your hardware. Or, manage any maintenance and repairs with your office equipment. When you use a cloud-based provider for all your faxing needs, they are going to implement a zero-footprint solution that allows for dynamic scalability while also complying with regulations and sudden upticks in the traffic demands of your company. Needless to say, as your business grows, so will your faxing infrastructure.

There’s No Downtime

Because the infrastructure is already designed to meet the high volume of faxes being sent to and from in the business environment, you don’t need to worry about any downtime at all. It’s one of the best choices for people who need reliable connectivity at all times. As your business grows, so will your faxing needs. It’s therefore highly important that you choose a provider that can ensure a consistent uptime. There are many cloud based communication networks who consistently maintain a benchmark of 99% uptime and have incredibly powerful systems that are capable of handling any kind of load that you throw at it.

Operational Costs Decrease

Here’s another benefit for business owners: cloud fax service is cheaper because it frees up resources that would be otherwise used for keeping on-premise solutions up and running. You don’t need to worry about deploying on-premise solutions that are expensive and clunky. On top of that, customers only have to pay for the amount of traffic that they use, which further saves you quite a bit of money.

Always Reliable

The one thing that business owners want when it comes to setting up their networks is reliability. You don’t want an important fax getting lost. That is one of the main reasons why it is so important that you opt for cloud solutions. You should make this a top priority for an effective change management program. The data is stored online and you have unlimited capacity available to you so the faxes can never get lost! This added feature makes cloud vs on premise a huge difference.

Fax Capacity

Last but certainly not least, you should know that there are no limits on capacity so you can receive and send as many faxes as you want without a delay at all. It is an excellent benefit that can help many business owners scale their operations without any hassle whatsoever. These are just some of the main reasons why you should consider moving your faxing systems to the cloud.

Increase Faxing Speed

While sending multiple faxes at once, you can also increase your faxing speed overall. A cloud fax solution allows you multitask several functions at once. For example, it’s much faster to manage multiple incoming faxes while preparing a new fax to send out. Moreover, the speed of working at a computer versus a traditional fax machine is much quicker. You can certainly save yourself plenty of time when it comes to cloud faxing vs on premise faxing solutions.

If you want to compare cloud vs on premise fax services, you should consider all the benefits of switching. You have less hardware to manage and maintain. You can lower your overall operational costs for faxing. Next, cloud fax services offer little to no downtime. It also allows you to find documents quickly, which is more reliable than a traditional fax hard copy that could get lost, misplaced or stolen easily. Furthermore, you can increase your capacity to send and receive faxes while saving time on multiple taxes. These are some of the best cloud fax vs on premise fax benefits for making the switch.

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