How To Write Cold Emails That Get Sales Responses Immediately

Cold calling and cold emailing practices are a necessary evil for sales professionals. Sending unsolicited email can be a bit uncomfortable for new sales professionals. But, these cold outreach methods are effective. In fact, cold emails are one of the best ways to consider if you are looking for solutions on how to get customers online. That is why they are still used after all these years. If you just started a career in sales, keep reading below. This post will detail tips for composing cold emails that recipients are clamoring to respond to, so that you have a long and lucrative career in sales.

A Little Research Goes A Long Way

Research the person you are emailing before you reach out. Get to know more than the person’s name. Find out what their job title and responsibilities are. Read any online articles they have published, and scroll through their social media feeds. Learning about the subject’s personal preferences and hobbies can help you find an effective way to engage them. Knowing about their professional lives are just standard business practices. If there is one thing you do to improve outcomes for cold emails you send, make it this one.

The BAB Strategy

The BAB strategy is one of the top cold email strategies with 30% response rate. BAB is short for Before After Bridge. This means that in your sales email, you start by presenting the world as it is now. That is the “before” of the cold emailing strategy for online selling. Then, talk about how things could be if they were to solve this problem, which is the “after” element of the BAB strategy. Finally, offer the “bridge” that gets them there – your product or service – and tell them how it works. These cold emailing strategies are some of the most effective. It may be worth considering for sales people just starting out.

Make Writing A Process

Great writing is a process, and great writing will help you get your email answered. Make sure to revise your cold emails before sending them. You should edit your emails at least once, but twice is even better. Read your email aloud to yourself once; then make changes as necessary. Then, have a colleague or family member re-read the email to check for any problems you may have missed and make those suggested corrections. This revision process will help your cold emails stand out from the competition, which is exactly what you need in the competitive world of sales.

Be Brief

Keep your cold emails short and to the point. This is one of those trade secrets that you usually have to learn on your own. Recipients will be more receptive to your email if you are taking less of their precious work time. It will also make it much more likely that they will get to the end of your email without hitting delete halfway through. Present the problem; offer the solution. If you keep your cold calls and cold emails short, you are sure to get more responses.

Don’t Be Stiff

Formality is overrated. Do not be too professional, formal or stiff when writing cold emails. Email is not a formal mode of communication. This is especially true in the business world, where emails are especially informal and hastily written thanks to deadlines and a lack of time. Be personal and relatable in your email outreach. But, still always be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors. This way, you can be taken seriously as a sales professional, while stilling being likable and accessible for the recipients of your cold sales emails.

If you are a new sales professional just starting your career, you are going to have to become an expert at writing cold emails. Cold calls are not nearly as effective as they once were. Instead, cold email correspondence is much more likely to get a response. Use the cold emailing tips above to help you increase response rates for your cold emails. These sales strategies for cold emailing are sure to help you become a rising star in your field in no time at all.

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