Top Collaboration Software To Facilitate More Efficient Conferencing


Collaboration software is any computer program that helps to facilitate group work towards the completion of a task or project. Also known as groupware, this tool can offer a variety of applications to assist with the necessary aspects of collaboration including communication, conferencing and coordination. Collaboration software can be extraordinarily useful for small businesses. Whether you have a team of two or twenty, there are many programs that can offer useful tools and tricks to help you work together to complete a task. If you own a small business llc or any type of small business and are interested in learning more about some of the best collaboration software programs for small businesses, check out our list below.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is a secure remote support, access and meeting software. This software was formerly known as ScreenConnect. ConnectWise Control software allows you to collaborate, hold training sessions, provide project updates, chat and much more. This software is certain to improve the efficiency and productivity of online meetings. Multiple employees can even work on a single support session simultaneously. If you want a fast and reliable collaboration solution, ConnectWise is certainly one to consider.


Dapulse is a project management program that provides small businesses with a way to enjoy transparency and collaboration with their work. The software’s clean interface makes organizing tasks easier than ever. Additionally, you can constantly remain updated on what your coworkers are doing through their social media inspired status update column. This way, you can view and interact with your peers as they work, which makes consulting with one another that much more efficient. For an easy to use collaborative tool, use Dapulse for your business.


Maenlink is a highly rated software developer. They offer solutions for resource management, project accounting and, most importantly, team collaboration and web meetings. Their collaborative software is designed to help unify management and inform employees on every essential task at hand. Their real-time analytics, planning tools and progress reports are sure to garner success. Files can be reviewed and approved faster than ever, which will speed up your project all together. If you want a fast and efficient way of organizing your team projects, Mavenlink may be the one for you.


SamePage offers a complete set of collaboration tools. This includes shared calendars, team messaging, file syncing and real-time collaboration. Their mobile app option makes SamePage excellent for small businesses on the go. Additionally, this collaboration software has useful built-in integrations from Google, Adobe, Microsoft and even Facebook. This means employee suggestions to one another will never go unheard again. If you need something that can help you manage all aspects of a project, you may want to start using SamePage.


Wrike is a project management software that offers insight and security to your team. With a complete set of solutions for everyone from Marketing to Project Management and even distribution channels, this collaboration software certainly has the tools for you. This versatile product includes email and calendar synchronization, personalized dashboards and even a live activity stream. Additionally, their security is top notch with Enterprise class protection. If you want a secure and reliable way to collaborate with your team, Wrike is the ideal software for your small business.

Collaboration software is a popular commodity today. Large corporations are not the only clients making use of these teamwork tools. Small businesses can also take advantage of the technology by utilizing one of the four software programs and project management apps mentioned above. Whether you are in need of security, communication tools or excellent file sharing options, there is a collaboration software program out there for you.

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