5 Commercial Applications For Metallic Floor Epoxy

Metallic floor epoxy is an affordable alternative for many types of businesses. From warehouses to industrial facilities, many commercial floors use the epoxy material. In fact, it is a popular choice among operations professionals. The epoxy flooring system is well known for it’s unique colors, durability and affordability. Naturally, this floor coating is available in a variety of colors to fit any décor. Of course, you can use this flooring system to represent your brand or create a high level of professionalism. You can also complement any office paint color with epoxy floors. For this reason, the commercial applications are almost limitless. Additionally, it can be used in many different industries. Read on to learn more about the commercial applications for metallic floor epoxy.


Granted, warehouses seem an unlikely place to apply a floor epoxy system. The floors contain concrete to withstand heavy duty activity. But those exact demands are why storage facility floors need a durable overlay. Untreated concrete can wear down from forklifts or heavy items being pulled along the floor. As a result of this traffic, concrete slabs can crack and produce layers of dust. Of course, both of these issues raise health and safety concerns for employees. Plus, they can wreak havoc on expensive industrial equipment. Fortunately, installing metallic floor epoxy in your warehouse solves the problems described above.

Doctor’s Office

Doctor’s office are another commercial setting that frequently use epoxy flooring. Metallic floor epoxy creates a seamless surface which makes it particularly suitable for a doctor’s office. Of course, any medical setting should be very clean. Since the floors are smooth and continuous overlay, they make epoxy floors easy to clean. Furthermore, they do not require special cleaning products like other types of flooring. This gives operations managers the flexibility to use a variety of cleaning products. Then, they are able to treat any type of spill. Certainly, a floor coated with a metallic epoxy would be a welcomed addition to any doctor’s office.

Mechanic’s Garage

Metallic epoxy floors are durable so they are a perfect solution for a mechanic’s garage. Inevitably, some type of automotive fluid will end up on the floor. But liquids like motor oil, transmission fluid or antifreeze will not cause any damage. Plus, epoxy floors can tolerate harsh cleaning products. This means that the mechanic’s garage floor will stay clean with minimal staining. Additionally, this overlay is strong enough to withstand heavy equipment and tools. Operations managers should consider metallic floor epoxy as an option for a mechanic’s garage.

Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants provide a vast application for floor epoxy. These floors are simple to clean and maintain. Of course, this is a must-have for eateries. After all, customers demand a sanitary eating environment. Moreover, a busy restaurant serves patrons all day and must clean up after each one leaves. Epoxy floors allow for this type of regimen and are long-lasting. That is good news for operations professionals. Furthermore, metallic floor epoxy offers a decorative component. Plus, each one is unique because of the mica in the pigment. This gives metallic flooring a 3-dimensional effect. In fact, these floors look like marble when finished. Certainly, metallic floor epoxy can create a clean and decorative environment for bars and restaurants.

Workout Facilities

Metallic epoxy is the ideal overlay for the floors in workout facilities. The floors repel liquids like sweat and sports drinks, allowing for an easy cleanup. Plus, their durability provides protection against heavy weights that get dropped haphazardly onto the floor. If you have to move equipment on occasion, metallic floor epoxy can withstand that as well. Additionally, these floors have a nonskid surface. Of course, with the high foot traffic in a gym, preventing slips and falls is important. Unquestionably, metallic floor epoxy delivers the durability and safety that workout facilities require.

There are many businesses that can benefit from floor epoxy metallic systems. For example, warehouses use epoxy floors to combat the wear and tear from heavy equipment. Next, this flooring option can be used in a doctor’s office for a more sanitary environment. Furthermore, epoxy can be used in a mechanic’s garage where fluid spills are common. Bars and restaurants can take advantage of its decorative characteristics. Finally, an overlay of epoxy can enhance the safety in workout facilities. Operations managers should reference this post for commercial applications for metallic floor epoxy.

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