5 Hot Features Of Commercial Coffee Machine For Offices

Anyone in a modern office will tell you that it runs on coffee. Coffee is the preferred drink of most in America in the mornings. Many an office manager has dreamed of improving office efficiency by buying a commercial coffee machine. While this decision may seem straight forward at first, don’t underestimate the decision. Today’s market is full of commercial machines able to perform any number functions. Making the right selection comes down to each office’s unique situation. Below are the most important factors that will affect your choice.

Cup Capacity

How many cups a machine can produce is a delicate balance between individual wants and mass production. Most likely no two people in your office will take their coffee the same way. Most won’t even agree on the sort of coffee beans or coffee prices. As a result, single cup coffee makers have proliferated in the last few years. These machines offer a wide variety of coffee options for employees. However, a large company will find such a device too slow to fill everyone’s cup. As a result, knowing how many cups you need at any given time is essential.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Coffee making can often be a messy business, especially if the coffee machine breaks. When picking a unit remember that this will be one of the most commonly used appliances in the office. As a result, it pays to consider a self-cleaning model. These models will clean themselves overnight. Also keep an idea on warranties, in case it breaks. The ideal machine will have a same-day service guarantee. If your machine doesn’t have these two things, it will necessary for people to clean and maintain it regularly, so choose wisely.

Quality vs. Convenience

There will always be a choice between quality and convenience. Probably the best quality coffee you can get from one of these machines is a “bean-to-cup” model. These machines grind the whole beans fresh for each pot. This produces the best product, but in a much larger and harder to use package. As you can see at anthonysespresso.com, it is possible to brew all different types of coffee with a commercial coffee machine. Ultimately, it up to you to determine how much struggle the office will put up with for really good coffee.


It is important to remember your business energy consumption when picking a model. Higher end models, in particular restaurant quality ones, will not only use more power but require special voltage plugs. This can play a critical role long-term in whether a commercial coffee machine makes economic sense. Moreover, making sure your office can take the voltage load from a commercial machine may be trying. These are not like a normal coffee pot, they’re appliances that will have to be treated carefully.

Ease Of Setup

A final element to balance is ease of set-up vs. ease of operation. Many top-of-the-line options will have features like a dedicated water line. Here, the machine draws its water direct from your pipes, rather then having a tank that has to be filled up. While getting a water line for the machine can seem daunting, it will save your employees plenty of man hours refilling the tank. Other features lead to similar questions that must be tailored to your own needs. Getting a commercial coffee maker is not like buying an everyday coffee pot, it will require much more work.

Overall, remember in your search that a commercial coffee machine will not be just a normal coffee machine that can produce coffee faster. Commercial machines are designed to make coffee making more efficient for certain work environments. You need to take a careful look at your own office before putting one in. Unlike their domestic counterparts, a mistake in picking a commercial coffee machine will be costly and time consuming. Knowing the important factors to the decision will make the process much smoother.

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