5 Considerations When Choosing A Commercial Epoxy Floor Covering

There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial epoxy floor covering for your business. In many industrial and high-traffic business settings, flooring can endure a significant amount of abrasion. Whether it’s contact with chemicals and oils, or scratches caused by pieces of machinery, distribution facilities, retail spaces, dollar stores, auto repair shops, and even restaurants can experience floor damage. As a commercial business owner, you need a floor covering that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. This way, you can continue to perform successfully and efficiently in your industry. Here are a few considerations when choosing a commercial epoxy floor covering for your business.

Surface Preparation

Before you can install a commercial epoxy floor covering, you need to consider surface preparation to ensure that you are selecting the most cost-effective floor option. Experienced professional installers know that it is imperative to properly repair any damage to the floor before applying a finish. This applies to both new and existing concrete. Mechanical preparation techniques that open the pores of the concrete flooring to receive primer often offer the best results. For instance, shot blasting forcibly propels a stream of abrasive material against the concrete surface to open the pores of the surface. This high-pressure preparation method ensures that the coating will be long-lasting and financially lucrative for your business. Surface preparation methods are essential to maximize your savings when installing an epoxy floor covering for your business.

Health And Safety

When choosing an epoxy floor coating, you also need to evaluate health and safety concerns. Fortunately, these floor coatings prove to be a sanitary option for your business. Namely, epoxy is impervious to liquids, making it nearly impossible for mold or bacteria to grow in the porous surface beneath the finish. In addition, other aggregates can be added to epoxy that make the floor slip resistant. This can help prevent accidents, especially in manufacturing facilities. There are also electrostatic dissipative epoxies (ESD) to reduce the effect of static discharges in electronic facilities. This can help protect workers and warehouse equipment. Floor striping is another popular safety feature to improve warehouse organization. You need to consider health and safety in your industry when choosing an epoxy coating.

Aesthetic Appeal

You need to keep aesthetic appeal in mind when selecting an epoxy floor covering to increase profits for your business. Indeed, appealing designs welcome consumers and employees. They also make your space look professionally finished. Consider which color and stain options best suit your business. For instance, one popular design option is epoxy with colored microchips and a high-gloss finish. Metallic finishes can also leave a lasting design impression on your consumers. If your space looks professional and well-kept, you increase the likelihood of customers returning to utilize your products and services. Aesthetic appeal can affect your business earnings, making it an important design consideration when choosing a commercial epoxy floor covering.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Moreover, you need to weigh volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when choosing a commercial floor covering. VOCs are vapors and gases emitted from certain natural and manmade chemicals. Some VOCs can be harmful to human health. Luckily, epoxy has a low VOC level compared to other floor finish options. This means you won’t necessarily have to evacuate your business while the epoxy coating is being applied. This can cut installation costs. Furthermore, fewer fumes mean less headaches and better indoor air quality for your employees. Be sure to discuss VOC risks with your installer to ensure an optimal and cost-effective epoxy installation.

Economy And Performance

Among the highest priorities you need to consider are economy and performance of your epoxy floor covering. Generally, when it comes to epoxy floor coatings, you get what you pay for. That is, a low-cost system may come at the expense of durability. Most business owners want a flooring system that is guaranteed to last forever. However, maintenance procedures are still necessary to prolong the floor’s life expectancy. With that being said, a widely accepted maxim is the thicker the coating system, the better the performance. When it comes to economy, you need to consider that you are paying for the floor’s performance.

There are several considerations when choosing a commercial epoxy floor covering for your business. For example, you need to surface preparation to ensure that your coating will be durable and cost-effective. You also need to evaluate the health and safety necessities of your business when selecting additional epoxy aggregates to enhance protection. Aesthetic appeal of the flooring can also impact your company’s revenue. Furthermore, you need to compare VOC levels of epoxy to other finishing options to optimize profits during installation. Perhaps most importantly, you need to evaluate your company’s economy and performance needs. Consider these factors when choosing a commercial epoxy floor covering for your business.

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