5 Best Commercial Flooring Options For High-Traffic Areas

There are several great commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas. Many businesses are looking to remodel their offices with new, high quality floor designs and styles. Of course, companies often struggle to select the best flooring options that meet their space’s needs and requirements. As a business owner, you should understand the different durability, style and maintenance requirements for different materials. This way, you’ll know which flooring options look best in your professional space. Read on to learn about the best commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas.

Epoxy Flooring

First, off, epoxy commercial flooring is a great option for high-traffic areas. Epoxy flooring is used for automotive facilities, gas manufacturing plants, and colleges. In addition, these extremely durable floors are resistant to wear. Epoxy also has advanced insulation properties to maintain building temperatures. On the other hand, you could add different coatings to provide high UV stability and heat resistance. With epoxy coating, you can tailor to specific demands of your commercial space. For example, add a shiny finishing touch to your flooring if you own a car dealership to impress buyers. After all, installing the right flooring can provide many small business benefits. Surely, epoxy commercial flooring is an excellent commercial flooring option for high traffic areas.

Laminate Boards

Laminate boards are another commercial flooring you can consider for your high-traffic area. With this material, you can mimic the look of real hardwood for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s extremely durable and scratch resistant compared to other types of flooring. This means it can withstand buildings that experience heavy foot traffic daily. In addition, laminate material requires minimal maintenance duties like deep cleaning or floor waxing. If you are considering designing your commercial building with laminate boards, keep in mind that contact with moisture can cause it to warp. Of course, you can choose laminate boards for your commercial flooring.

Terrazzo Material

In addition, terrazzo material is another commercial flooring option for high-traffic areas. Terrazzo is an aesthetically versatile commercial floor. In fact, you can use this floor to incorporate your company’s custom logos and design. Because of its unique design, terrazzo is used to impress customers throughout entrance ways and high-end offices. Plus, it is highly durable and retains a low lifetime cost. Typically, terrazzo flooring is best for large areas like showrooms and lobbies. It helps support a professional organizational image, which may be key for your current business model. For sure, terrazzo material is another type of floor for high-traffic areas.

Sheet Vinyl

More so, you can select sheet vinyl flooring for your high-traffic commercial building. This strong and durable option is one of the more visually appealing materials available. In regards to cost, you can choose from different pricing options that best suit your budget. Just keep in mind that the more expensive options typically look nicer and last longer than the cheaper options. You should also hire a professional to properly install your flooring with little to no mistakes. Moreover, make sure to vacuum, mop and sweep your vinyl flooring often to prevent damage. Certainly, sheet vinyl is one of the best options for your commercial flooring needs.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are quality commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas. Ceramic tiles focus on looks, safety, and functionality. That’s why they are often used in lobbies and large entry ways. With the floor’s wide variety of patterns and colors, you can easily design an impactful first impression. After all, ceramic tiles are exceedingly durable and retain lasting qualities. Since they’re so durable, this is a great flooring option for high-traffic retail shops — like a dollar store franchise. When ceramic tiles are produced, they come with a high-end finish, different colors, and various textures. This way, you can use a floor plan that supports high foot traffic and improves the overall look of your environment. Of course, ceramic tiles are valuable commercial flooring options for high traffic areas.

There are several best commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas. First, epoxy flooring is extremely durable and heat-resistant. Next, you can choose laminate boards if you want to mimic the look of real wood. In addition, terrazzo material is customizable and has a low lifetime investment cost. More so, you can select sheet vinyl if you want a more visually appealing flooring look. Furthermore, use ceramic tiles to give your company a premium and high end finish. These are the best commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas.

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