Companies In Denver Prove It Is A Great Place To Start A Business


In the recent years, companies in Denver have attained commendable growth with some of them making it to the Fortune 500 list. As we will see, Denver has become a new hub for startups for various industries including tech, energy, food and telecommunications. This makes it an excellent opportunity for investing in real estate. Several factors like a low living cost, educated population and high lifestyle standards have created a favorable atmosphere to drive business growth in Denver. All of these factors, if missing, are generally why startups fail.  On top of that, the Denver Office of Economic Development offers comprehensive support to local businesses. All in all, Denver is a great place to start your own business. If you want to learn more, read on about the these top growing companies in Denver, Colorado.

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Well known across the nation as a leading security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin Corporation is committed to solving complex challenges with scientific solutions. Located in Littleton, Denver, this reputed company specializes in aeronautics, missiles, fire control, space systems and missile systems. Moreover, Lockheed Martin Corporation has state of the art infrastructure, conducting research, design and manufacture of technologically advanced products. In addition, this security and aerospace company makes consistent investments to develop advanced nanotechnology, robotics, quantum and aeronautics solutions. With a large presence in the city, Lockheed Martin Corporation is one of the biggest employers in Denver.


Vertafore is one of the many tech startups in Denver. However, they also make the top of the list for top places to work in Denver. That is what sets them apart. The company makes cloud software and SaaS products for the insurance industry. Employees there are very familiar with the medical device industry trends because of this. Some of the coolest perks they offer employees include 401(k) matching, a generous PTO policy, a trendy downtown Denver location and a casual dress, collaborative work environment. If you want to succeed as a business owner in Denver, Colorado, you will need to compete with some of the top employers in the country. Be sure you are ready to do so by offering great employee benefits to your workers.

HealthONE Corporation

The largest healthcare system in Denver, HealthONE Corporation, has successfully grown its healthcare business in the city. The system has grown to eight hospitals over the last twenty years. Furthermore, to make health care services more accessible, HealthONE Corporation has started six stand alone emergency departments and 17 ambulance surgery centers. In addition, the corporation offers various medical services through its many clinics and imaging centers. What’s more, HealthONE Corporation even has its own medical transport service named AirLIFE Denver within the city. Certainly, HealthONE Corporation’s growth and success is a testament to the opportunities for companies in Denver.


A renowned oil and drilling company, Canary has achieved tremendous growth in the last few decades. Denver’s proximity to the mineral rich Rocky mountains makes it the perfect site for energy industry companies. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why Canary’s corporate office is located in Denver. Some of the production based services it offers include hot oil slickline, digital dynamoniter and gate valve repair. Through a strong API unit, Canary fulfills custom service requirements of clients. The growth of Canary indicates that companies in Denver can benefit immensely from the city’s geographic location.

Level 3

A world class IT service provider, Level 3’s North American head quarters is located in the metro area of Denver. This Denver based IT company offers wide range of data, voice, video, cloud, security services and other business technology. Over the years, Level 3 has come up with innovative IT solutions like adaptive network control, cloud connect, network based security and video cloud. In addition, it offers industry specific solutions for the government, media & entertainment and healthcare sectors. This premier global communications service provider is considered one of the leading IT technology companies in Denver as well as the US at large.

Hammond’s Candies

Founded way back in 1920, Hammond’s Candies has been offering quality hard candies, chocolates and caramels consistently across the country. Based in Denver, this candy company has not lost its popularity in the last 90 years. Surely, the wide variety of candies it offers including lollipops, candy canes, caramel corn, chocolate bars, snacks and art candy has helped in maintaining this craze. What’s more, in last three years, Hammond’s Candies has experienced a growth rate of 317%. The exponential growth of Hammond’s Candies shows the true potential for Denver companies to succeed.

SCL Health System

The SCL, or Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Health system may not be a for-profit business, they are instead a nonprofit corporation, however, they still act as the 7th largest employer in the state of Colorado. This health system operates nine hospitals, one mental health center for children, and four clinics. In addition, they also manage over 100 walk-in care facilities across not only the state of Colorado, but also Kansas, Montana and California. This health network is worth over $2.7 billion, and employs many, many Colorado professionals. SCL Health is yet another impressive company in Denver, headquartered on West 26th avenue.

A strong industrial culture, well developed infrastructure and favorable government programs have helped companies in Denver grow substantially. Established companies and start are finding success in Denver. Like many other cities in the US, starting a business in Denver is relatively easy as long as you are getting started with Java programming already. The difference is in tax rates, talent availability and overall economic climate. Certainly, the presence of so many well performing companies in Denver has created a favorable business environment, allowing companies to achieve stellar growth.

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