Is Your Business Technology Focused In 2016?


In order to successfully run a business (no matter what the size is), you need to be able to meet customer demands on a regular basis. With that in mind, are you expecting to not only meet the needs of those consumers you’re targeting this year, but actually exceed them?

As many business owners have discovered over time, customers can be more than a little fickle. In fact, customers can change their buying habits at a moment’s notice, leaving brand owners to scramble for new business when they lose those they thought were all but a sure thing. So, how can you keep your business squarely focused on taking steps forward and not going backwards in 2016 and beyond?

Your Plans Always Need Reviewing

To best place your brand in a position to succeed this year and down the road, keep some of these tidbits in mind:

Periodic reviews – For starters, make sure you are reviewing your customer initiative plans. Simple things like keeping the customer happy, updated on what you have to offer them (including the latest technology updates), and addressing any concerns and/or issues should never be placed on the backburner. Like any good plan you put in motion, don’t be afraid to tweak it from time to time. In doing so, customers see you are looking out for their needs, meaning you are looking out for their needs instead of being resistant to possible change;

Technology always moving forward – While some business owners are not all that excited about new technological advances in the business world (it means more time and effort on their part to stay up to speed on what is going on, many others see things in an entirely different light. They recognize that newer technology can ultimately lead to more sales, so why wouldn’t they want it? For example, getting paid anywhere at any time is of course important for the man or woman running their business. If they don’t have a structured payment process in place, it can create all kinds of havoc, notably in their wallet or purse. Being up to speed on the latest mobile technologies for payments, promoting your products and services etc. is crucial for today’s brand owners. Also note that today’s technology could easily change tomorrow, so be ready for potential changes in how you do business. If you’re a business owner reluctant and/or even resistant to change, you could ultimately end up placing a “closed” sign on your business permanently.

Right hires are crucial – Do you ever stop to look at the hires you are making? Whether you run a small business or your brand is a larger one, bringing aboard the best and brightest talent is crucial, especially when it comes to customer service. As technology continues to expand on the business front worldwide, it is very important that your employees are up to speed on how technology makes their jobs easier, along with allowing for a better experience with the customer. For example, if you’re delving into mobile marketing in 2016, be sure that you offer consumers a mobile-friendly site. If your site is apt to crashing, has broken links and other issues to boot, do you really think consumers will stick around while you work to fix things? While some may, many others are more likely to head elsewhere, possibly to your competition. From designing a mobile-friendly site to having employees with technological expertise when it comes to customer service questions and issues, make sure you are hiring workers who can speak the technology language.

Thinking ahead – Finally, what technological advancements will your brand be able to come up with to make the consumer experience even more productive down the road? In a world where technology literally changes on a daily basis, being up to speed on the advancements is something business men and women simply can’t overlook. Yes, there are still some businesses that choose to do things the old-fashioned way, but more and more companies are taking and running with technology. In order for your business to succeed, make sure you are in the latter group that wants to explore and utilize all technology has to offer, especially that which is beneficial to your customers.

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