What To Include In Company Dashboard To Improve Project Management

Project management is difficult. Especially when you are responsible for a team of workers in addition to the results of the project itself. There are a lot of different balls to keep in the air at once. You must manage individual employee performance as well as the team dynamic as a whole, not to mention managing timely project progress. If you are responsible for this at your company, project management dashboards can make your job much easier. A company dashboard allows you to see the data sets most important to your ability to manage the project at hand and the employees working on it. Learn how to arrange your project management dashboards for optimal project results using the company dashboard ideas featured in this post.

Employee Performance

The best management dashboards feature a widget that tracks employee performance. These employee performance dashboard widgets feature a visual representation of each individual team member’s project progress. The metrics by which you measure employee performance can be customized, of course. But regardless of how you do it, your company dashboard must include a widget for tracking employee performance on an individual level. That way, you can make sure that every member of the team is pulling their weight to produce project deliverables. Keep this in mind when setting up your own project management dashboard for your own quality management system.

Dashboard Reports

Project managers should also be looking at project management dashboard software that automatically produces dashboard reports on a routine basis. That way, this information can be shared with other stakeholders, like supervisors, business owners or shareholders. Not all project dashboard software include dashboard reports tools. That is why you need to consider this before you purchase any top project management solutions. When you have these dashboard reporting tools available, it makes it easier to update project participants regularly. That makes your project management more efficient and effective as a whole. Be sure to use this qualification to help you pick the best project dashboard software that meets your needs and improves project management procedures.

Project Budget & Expenses

Company dashboards must also include widgets for project budget and expenses data. Projects cannot be managed without the necessary funds. As the project manager, you want to be sure that you never have to go over budget. That will only reflect poorly on your ability to manage. These financial report dashboards allow you to track expenses as they come. That way, you can head off any budget issues by asking for a budget increase prior to going over budget. This data will also be useful for reporting to other project stakeholders regarding project progress, especially if you have management software with dashboard reports features. All project managers should look to include these widgets in their project dashboards to improve their management abilities.

Priority Tasks

A company dashboard should also include a section that details the priority tasks that need to be completed for a specific project. Task prioritization lists help point team members in the right direction. That way, they do not waste their time completing other miscellaneous tasks that are not ask vital to project progress and completion. It provides an easy way to communicate priority to employees. That maximizes your efficiency and your employees’ productivity. Ultimately, that makes you a better project manager, even if this is not something you were taught in your project management courses. Be sure to include an open tasks dashboard listed by importance and priority in your management dashboard to make it easier to communicate with your project management team.

Productivity Ranking

Include a widget that ranks employees by the amount of project tasks they have completed. These employee productivity rankings are helpful for you, as the team manager, to be able to identify weak links in the chain. This way, you are able to coach employees in need of coaching and commend employees who deserve recognition. Rankings are also helpful for employees, as well. They allow team members to be able to visualize their contributions to the project and to the team at large. This enables them to take responsibility for their own work and self improvement so they can start working harder to catch up to their teammates. These advantages will make you a better manager with far less effort. Be sure to capitalize on them by including employee productivity ranking widget in your company dashboard.

Creating the best company dashboard will require different elements or widgets, depending on what type of project you are managing. However, there are some must include dashboard features that all management dashboards should have to help make a manager’s job easier. For project managers like you, you want to make sure to include the project management dashboard widgets detailed above. They will help make you a better project manager for your team and for your superiors. This way, you can continue to grow and improve professionally. Let us know how your final project dashboard comes out in the comments below.

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