Buy Bulk Compostable Bags For Environmentally Friendly Business

Compostable bags are an eco-friendly solution for any business. Nowadays, many consumers are concerned about the businesses they shop at being ethically responsible when it comes to the environment. That is why more and more business owners are looking to start using compostable bags at their retail stores. If you are an environmentally conscious business owner looking to make your business go green, keep reading below to find out where to buy bulk compostable bags, even if you just want to buy them as green office items.

Eco Products

Eco Products lives up to their name by offering all different sizes of compostable can liners and bags. If you need compostable waste liner bags or shopping bags, this is a great website to consider. You can even order samples to try out the quality of the product before you buy. This is a huge advantage for business owners who may have tried other, less sturdy brands in the past. If you want to try compostable shopping bags before you commit to a bulk order, consider shopping with Eco Products.


Natur-Bag compostable bags and liners are an excellent solution for zero waste organic diversion programs. These biodegradable bags offer superior strength and odor prevention. Whether you need 3 gallon bags or larger 96 gallon liners, Natur-Bag has a Biodegradable Products Institute certified compostable bag for you. Consider shopping here if you want to make sure your products are BPI certified to maintain high environmentally conscious standards for your business, which is sure to get response from your eco-friendly customers.


GreenHome offers an excellent solution for business owners who need their cellulose bags and liners too meet other standards as well. If you want recycled or upcycled bags, or you just want to be certain that your compostable bags are made in the USA, this site helps you do just that. You can select from two brands, Vegware and Bio Bag. In addition, you can also shop by product price and compare products for a side-by-side analysis. If you want bio-degradable bags that also meet other ethical standards consider visiting the GreenHome website.


BioBag has a variety of product offerings for lawn, leaf and garden waste bags, food storage products, pet waste bags and shopping and produce bags. If you want all of your bagging supplies to be compostable and eco-friendly, BioBag has a solution for you. You can also buy food scrap collection products if you operate a business or restaurant that has a garden. You can also customize their eco friendly bags and liners, which is a great way to make use of your small business hashtags. If you want to shop from a small business with the largest compostables marketplace around, consider shopping at BioBag.

If you want to make your business more environmentally friendly, start using green bags over the unsustainable petroleum-based plastic bags. This is the first step your can take to make your business more socially conscious and ethically responsible. Once customers find out you are making your business go green, they may be more likely to shop there and encourage friends and family to do the same. So take a step in the right direction for your business and buy bulk compostable bags and liners from one of the green companies mentioned above. ​

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