How To Connect With Your Coworking Space Colleagues

We have one of the most diverse coworking scenes on the planet. In addition to your standard coworking space that admits everyone, there are coworking hostels, and then there are the various industries and mission-specific spaces designed to cater to the needs of professionals across industries. From Thailand to Silicon Valley, you can find the success and growth of coworking spaces. In fact, one of the reasons this concept is so popular is because this social space is also valuable workspace.

While it seems like a contradiction that a social space could promote business, networking and getting to know others in your office is one way to get information, obtain referrals, and drum up business. Furthermore, the coworking space can be a platform for creating opportunities to work with professionals in the office as well, as the collaboration primes your business for success. Even though your coworking scene might be impressively diverse, one thing is constant, and that is relationships are very important. Keep reading to discover how best to connect to your coworking colleagues.

Focus On Common Interest

As a part of your daily interaction in the coworking space, focus on the things you do share in common with the people with whom you engage with. For one, this can be an opportunity to socialize outside the space, but more significantly, it is the common interests that are the conversation pieces that can be the glue for building relationships. You can talk about your latest passions, business trends or hobbies. Bonding over common interests is a great way to segue into ones related to business, which can be the beginning of the kinds of conversations you want to have.

Get Involved With The Space

The best way to connect with others in the coworking space is to get involved with the coworking community. By volunteering your time in the space, you not only get to know the coworking space’s managers, but it also gives you the chance to engage the entire community directly. Volunteering to host events, to put together an online newsletter, and even volunteering to help around the space with basic tasks can be one way to get to know others in the space. There are many benefits of community for entrepreneurs.

Create Teams

Another way to get to know others in the space is to start your own collaborative projects. Your projects do not necessarily have to relate to business outside the space, but connecting a team together to work on small projects inside the space is one way to get to know others. For example, if you find that there is a need to have a particular industry come in and give a workshop on a particular project, this is the perfect opportunity to create a team in the space. It only takes one person to make a group, so if you find someone in the space, take the opportunity to create a team for some purpose.

Use The Online Platform

The online platform gives your business the edge because it is limitless space that can be used for a number of purposes, namely advertising and public relations. In fact, many people feel more comfortable working in a virtual space because it is a convenient way to stay in touch with people. However, this same platform can be used to get to know others in the space. Whether using a personal social media account or a professional one, make it a point to visit the pages of others in the space because this is another valuable contact point, in addition to creating your own professional website.

Connecting With Your Coworking Space

Making friends to create business opportunities has been made much easier in the coworking space. The coworking space presents professionals with many opportunities to connect with others in the space. Daily interactions in your workspace, in addition to the numerous ones in other designated areas, make it possible for you to develop relationships in the space.

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