How A Conservatorship Protects Your Financial Assets

Adults who are not in the position to make their own financial decisions look to conservatorships for assistance. As a senior citizen, you need to prepare for your financial future. While finding jobs for seniors is a great idea, you also need to understand how a conservatorship can maintain a positive financial state for you. Unlike a guardian, a conservator focuses primarily on the financial elements of the protected person. They are well-educated professionals who specialize in monetary topics ranging from real estate to taxes. You can set yourself up for a bright financial future with the help of a court-appointed conservator. Continue reading this post to learn how a conservatorship protects your financial assets.

Court Supervision

One of the many ways that a conservatorship protects your financial assets is through court supervision. Many senior citizens fear that they will leave their finances in the hands of a person who will not handle them properly. You do not have to hold onto such a fear when you get appointed a conservator. The court supervises their actions to ensure that they only act on your behalf. They are required to keep reports of their actions. When the court requests them, they have to hand them over in full. The court also has to approve major financial decisions before the conservator can follow through with them. Court supervision is one way that a conservatorship protects your financial assets.

Asset Monitoring

Another way that a conservatorship protects your financial assets is through asset monitoring. A conservator’s main duty is to protect the conservatee’s assets. To do so, they begin by taking inventory. They log assets including real estate, debts and mortgages. They also take smaller assets such as furniture and clothing into account. After they take inventory, they monitor the logged belongings continuously. If an asset goes missing, they are the first ones to notice and act on it. Thus, this is another way that a conservatorship can protect your assets.

Fraud Protection

Conservatorships protect senior citizens assets from fraud protection as well. Unfortunately, many scammers target senior citizens. This is especially true about those who are not capable of making their own financial situations and keeping track of their assets. If you do not have the wherewithal to actively monitor your own finances, a scammer can easily take advantage of you. On the other hand, they have a much more difficult time getting by conservators. After all, conservators have experience providing security against fraudulent activity. They know the best financial options and take precautionary measures to keep your assets safe.

Bill Payments

A conservatorship in California protects conservatees assets by taking care of their bill payments. Many senior citizens lose their assets to unpaid bills. Some forget to pay their bills while others simply do not know how to do so with the latest technology. Regardless of the reason, leaving bills unpaid puts both big and small assets at risk. If you want to keep your home, furniture and other belongings safe, hire a conservator. They will ensure that your bill payments get paid on time and keep your assets safe in the process.


Lastly, conservators’ non-biased decision making protects conservatees’ assets. Many senior citizens choose to have their children and/or grandchildren act as their guardians. While this works out for some, it causes financial issues for others. Your loved ones might know how to assist you with finding the best life insurance for seniors, but they do not always have the best financial answers. If your loved one makes financial decisions on your behalf, they might do so with personal biases in the back of their minds. In such a situation, the guardian could make poor financial decisions that negatively effect you. On the other hand, conservators are typically unrelated professionals who do not have any prejudices that could get in the way of their decisions. Hence, a conservatorship offers you quality asset protection.

Senior citizens like yourself benefit from conservatorships. They protect your assets through court supervision. Conservators also monitor conservatees’ assets so that they can track when any belongings go missing. Their fraud protection skills also assist them in protecting your assets. They take care of your bill payments to avoid putting your assets at risk. In addition, court-appointed conservators are non-biased, which means that they make wise decisions on your behalf. Consider these ways that a conservatorship protects your assets.

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