5 Considerations For Purchasing Personal Planners To Stay On Task

If you are a busy professional, you need something to help keep track of tasks and make you use your time productively. A good solution is the something that students often use: personal planners. Personal planners can not only help you keep track of daily operations, meetings and requirements, but can enable you to plan for months into the future. There are multiple options for personal planners depending on your needs and wants. Here is what to consider when purchasing personal planners.

Physical Or Virtual

The first thing you need to decide is whether your little helper will be a physical booklet or a virtual tool. The advantage to online personal planners is that they are easily accessible from your phone, and can often sync to any mobile device. A virtual planner can ring to remind you of everything from an important business deadline to an appointment at a pest control company. While online calendars are also great tools for staying connected, sometimes it helps to physically write appointments into a personal planner. Studies show that people can remember things better if they write them down. If you are the type of person who is sick of staring at screens, a physical planner might be right for you. You should think about the size of a physical planner, if you prefer more room to write or desire a more compact calendar. Once you decide which type of planner is best for you, move on to the other considerations.

Your Style

Style is an important piece of determining whether or not you will keep up with your planner. It’s important to take your time to figure out what you like and dislike in a planner. If you prefer an organized, no-nonsense look, find out what your options are. If you like crazy colors and patterns, be sure to incorporate those  The layout of your planner should be something you enjoy. The more attractive it is, the more inclined you will be to check it every day. Moreover, a planner can also be a great way to show off your organizational skills to employers or coworkers. A sleek planner can supplement a traditional business casual look, and call attention to how serious you are about your work.

Time Measurement

When choosing the right planner, it’s important to determine what method of breaking time is best for you. Online planners often have the option to do this in several different ways, but the long-term view can be difficult to manage. Planner books vary from hours, to days to weeks. The most common way is to have day-by-day pages, combined into a monthly view. This may or not be productive for you. Your planner is all about managing time, so this consideration is among the most important. You should be comfortable with the planner’s presentation and manner of measuring time.

Fancy Features

Typically, personal planners are mainly used to keep people organized. However, there are many extra features that are available. Do you want your online planner to remind you of meetings, filter options or provide inspirational quotes? Your personal planner will be more useful if it incorporates all the “extra” features you desire. If you want to self-publish a book by the end of the year, maybe your ideal planner would include space for you to write and track daily goals on how to self publish a book. Think about what would features would be best for your lifestyle, ambitions and schedule. This will help you consider how you like to stay organized. Answering these questions can help you narrow down options for the most ideal planner.

Plan For The Price

Planner prices vary significantly depending on what features you want. Some online planners are free, with a simple app download. You can purchase physical planners from many major online retailers and stores, and they can range from $10 to over $40. Don’t pick a planner that will break your budget. However, choosing the perfect personal planner can be seen as an investment in yourself and your sanity. Planners can not only help you operate more efficiently. They can also give you a sense of accomplishment after a whirlwind of a work week. Buying the right planner greatly depends on your financial restrictions, so don’t forget to factor in your funds.

Having a personal planner can make a major difference in your daily operations. Consider whether a physical book or online app is more helpful to you. Keep in mind that style matters, and treat yourself to something appealing. Choose a planner that gives you the most efficient method of time management without sacrificing any extra features you want. Lastly, be sure to keep in mind the price of your new personal planner. Regardless of what it looks like, a personal planner can get everything you need into one place, be it an app or a book.

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